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    Hello, I am sorry but I only speak english, hopefully you all will understand me.

    I have a 1967 Saab Monte Car (96 with the V4), pictures of which are here:

    I was wondering what it would take to bring this car to all-original condition (or some what close to all original). That said, what do you see which is ”out of place” or the wrong year on the car that I should deal with?

    Also, I need to replace or restore the carpet. Does anyone know how this can be done? Does anyone make reproduction 1960s Saab carpets?

    I also need to replace the plastic that covers the pillars (between the doors and rear windows), mine has become brittle and is cracking into pieces I do not know if I should just remove all of whats left or leave it on…. or even how I could get it replaced. Do any of you have any ideas?

    I am sorry about only speaking english, I was not able to find a website translater that can translater swedish to english.



    If anyone here knows the answer to the questions, but is lacking confidence about expressing it in English, just write in Swedish. I’ll try to help, and I’m sure that others will.

    I summarize in Swedish: Den här killen undrar vad som behövs för att renovera sin MC V4 -67 (se länkar) till originalskick eller i närheten. Vad är fel på bilen, undrar han, dvs vad fattas och vad är fel årsmodell?

    Finns det plast till insidan av B-stolparna kvar att få tag i?

    Om någon kan men inte känner sig bekväm med engelskan hjälper jag gärna till (liksom säkert andra). Huvudsaken är ju att en MC får smaka väg igen!

    Mvh Petter



    finns det nån orginaldel på bilen?



    Själv kan jag inte avgöra det så enkelt, och han undrar ju också. Vad säger bilderna i länken?

    Mvh Petter



    Ok I’ll take the first shot then, having referred our new friend here and helped him set up an account on this swedish speaking site. Let me start off by saying, though, that I’m nowhere near as good regarding longnose or V4 models as I am when it comes to bullnoses.

    The pictures are very vague, especially the engine bay pic which is clearly put together from 2 images, and the joint isn’t straight which makes it appear like there are 2 crossmembers between the wheel wells. Ironically though, that’s what made me take a closer look and I’m beginning to wonder whether your car isn’t in fact a 2-stroke model that’s been converted to V4. The way the crossmember is positioned doesn’t appear to match how it’s supposed to look in a V4… it’s higher up and if I remember correctly from the ’65 I used to own, that’s a 2-stroke telltale sign.

    Is your car badged ”monte carlo 850” or just plain ”monte carlo”? Does it have 4-bolt or 5-bolt wheel hubs?




    ”Also, I need to replace or restore the carpet. Does anyone know how this can be done? Does anyone make reproduction 1960s Saab carpets?”

    An answer to your question above => get in touch with Rolf Jensen who handles spare parts for the Saab:s. See link below.


    Reservdelar == spare parts

    And an english speaking Saab fanatic just makes it more fun here at the forum!!



    Oh and 4 more things regarding your engine bay:

    1. What is that big box on your passenger side wheel well???
    2. What is that 2nd plastic tank in front of your washer tank?
    3. The washer tank is from a VOLVO 140 SERIES. Your car is contaminated!
    4. Wiper motor appears to be non-stock, but I have no clue from where it’s been sourced.


    Bengt Åkesson

    ”Big boxen” är en styrning till varvräknaren, ett värstingbygge enligt texten på någon av bildsidorna.




    Ok, it took me a while to figure out how to log in and reply again (sorry, I’m kinda wondering around in the dark running into things as I try to use a different langauge :P)

    1) That big box. The big silver box on the passenger side is a tach guage controller box that my grandfather designed while he was a electrical engineer at GE in the 1970s. The box supplies a signal to the tach gauge (to the left of the steering wheel). Its an extremely acurate gauge, with all kinds of filters to block out interference, etc.
    2) I believe that is a coolant overflow bottle that you see in the front driver’s side corner of the engine bay. But I will have to check later and get back to you all to be sure.
    3) The washer tank is not original aparently- I did think it looked out of place.
    4) The wiper system (motors, arms and blades) are not Saab, forget what european car they came off of, but they were installed in the 1980s (forget why exactly), I do have the originals in a box in storage (found those today actually).

    My car is not badged as a Monte Carlo 850 or Monte Carlo- however it is a Monte Carlo, I know this because:
    1) The Monte Carlo 850 was never offered in the US with a V4- and was not offered in 1967
    2) The only Saab 96 with the V4 sold in the US in 1967 was the ”Saab Monte Carlo”- all other US sold 96’s got the 3 cylinder.
    3) I know the V4 is a factory installed job, my grandfather bought it from the original/first owner- who had a relative or friend (forget) own a Saab dealership in 1967 who sold it to him fairly cheaply. He used it without changing a thing until it was crashed and beaten up- which is when my grandfather found it, put it on a tow truck and shipped it from Virginia to New York. It then sat for a few years and was restored in the late 70s-mid1980s.

    We know from the registraition that its a Saab from 1967 with the V4, all state paperwork for the car (prior inspections, registrations, licenses) all confirm this going back to the late 1960s. So unless Saab started taking 3 cylinder 96’s and retrofitting them with V4s to fullfil back orders, I dont see the V4 being a custom conversion. The Saab also has all the V4 badges, in the correct places… which were present on the car before it was restored. Every chrome trim piece on the car is original.

    Sadly the ID plate in the engine bay & rear seat (with the VIN#) are missing so I can not get that information to see whatever info it would hold.

    Sorry about having that picture split from two camera shots- I wanted to get a detailed picture and my camera was fairly cheap (no zoom feature).

    I have not been able to find a Saab 96 of this era locally to compare the cross brace location to.



    Nice to have fellow Saabers from the US to join our board!
    Use this link, http://www.saabklubben.com/ubbthreads/editdisplay.php?Cat=0, to switch to an English spoken interface.

    Under ”Välj ett språk” choose English.

    Best of luck!

    [citat]Ok, it took me a while to figure out how to log in and reply again (sorry, I’m kinda wondering around in the dark running into things as I try to use a different langauge :P)

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