2007-10-21 Scatter Rally – Svalöv

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    • oktober 16, 2007 at 21:14 #16906

      Detta är det första hela Scatter Rallyt som hålls och är öppet för alla bilmärken och modeller. Alla specifika uppgifter kommer att finnas inom Svalövs kommun. Målgång blir vid Café Bialitt kl. 15:00. Målet är bemannat mellan kl. 14 och 16:00

      Uppgifts listan kommer att vara tillgänglig från kl. 18:00 2007-10-20


        oktober 19, 2007 at 15:38 #113471

        The Task list is now final and translated, thanks to Per-Erik for all the translation work, and thanks to Sten-Arvid for finding out what the building was called.

        I did a test run through all the tasks yesterday and it took roughly 1 h 50 min and 68 km of driving. This was from the first task to the finish. Your time and distance will be different depending on the route you plan.

        The task list will be released tomorrow evening at 18:00.

          oktober 20, 2007 at 16:05 #113500

          The task list is now available for the rally.
          Looking forward to seeing those who take part. Good luck!

            oktober 21, 2007 at 17:35 #113528

            Couldn’t have asked for a better day to hold the first Scatter Rally.

            Big thanks to everyone who took part and to the winners. Final conclusion – When is the next one. Have just sat down and will start working on a Scatter Rally in Höganäs Kommun, if anyone knows of a good cafe as a finishing point, please let me know. Will try and have the next rally early November.

            Results from today will be posted on the Scatter Rally site later this evening.

              oktober 21, 2007 at 21:15 #113545

              Hann tyvärr inte ner, lite krångel idag.. Bland annat att få upp lyften i farens nya garage bjöd på oväntat fipplande som inte ens gick att lösa.. PUST!

                oktober 28, 2007 at 06:49 #113768

                Ända sedan jag började delta i Saab Skånia tycker jag att fokus på träffarna har legat i nordväst. Jag vill gärna slå ett slag för det sydöstra hörnet! Är det möjligt att få bidra med ett scatterrally på Österlen?

                Since I started to participate in the Saab Skånia’s meetings I feel that the meetings have been taking place mainly in the northwest corner of Skåne. Is it possible to contribute with a route suggestion ”down under”, in the surroundings of Österlen?

                  oktober 28, 2007 at 08:43 #113773

                  Mats – I am planning a number of Scatter Rallies, and they will be spread all over Skåne, not just the North West. Unfortunately the next planned rally will be in the North West again but promise to arrange the one after that in the east or south east of Skåne. My goal is to try and work through all the Kommun in Skåne, a long term goal.

                    oktober 30, 2007 at 15:50 #113895

                    Ah, I expressed myself a little indistinctly. I mean, I suppose that it is possible for ME/anyone to contribute with a route. I just love to get lost on the Skånish (?!) roads. It happened before and I’m proud to say that it is almost a habit… If the weather is cloudy it is almost impossible to find the bearing.

                    Jag uttryckte mig otydligt. Jag antar att det är möjligt för mig eller vemsomhelst att bidra med en rutt. Jag längtar tils jag åter får köra vilse på skånska vägar. Det har hänt förr och det har nästan utvecklats till en vana. Är det bara mulet är det lätt hänt att tappa bäringen.

                      oktober 30, 2007 at 17:29 #113901

                      Mats – Agree about getting lost in Skåne when there are clouds around, but it is fun and there are so many things to find that it is worth driving in circles for a while.

                      There is nothing stopping anyone from setting up a route for a Scatter Rally, the important thing when doing it is that you make sure it is safe for people to stop and take the photographs, chances are there will be children in some of the cars.

                      Another important things is, its not always what you set up to be photographed thats important, but the roads you need to drive to get to them.

                      While setting up the rally for Höganås there are so many fantastic places, but virtually impossible to photograph, however I have found some strange and interesting things to photograph and what you see on the way is even more interesting.

                      As the Scatter Rally logo says, ”Getting there is all the fun!”

                      If you want to set up a route, let us know if we can help.

                        oktober 30, 2007 at 17:39 #113903

                        To try and make things easier at the next Scatter Rally I have made a board with a clock on it so that you photograph this as the last task.

                        There has also been a change in the way the time penalty points will be done.

                        Tids avdrag:
                        – Poäng avdrag kommer att göras baserat på tiden då du anländer vid den avslutande uppgiften.

                        5-0 minuter för tidigt / 0-5 minuter för sent (inget avdrag)
                        10-5 minuter för tidigt / 5-10 minuter för sent (5 poängs avdrag)
                        15-10 minuter för tidigt / 10-15 minuter för sent (10 poängs avdrag)
                        20-15 minuter för tidigt / 15-20 minuter för sent (15 poängs avdrag)
                        25-20 minuter för tidigt / 20-25 minuter för sent (20 poängs avdrag)
                        +25 minuter för tidigt / +25 minuter för sent (25 poängs avdrag)

                        You can read up on the current rules and scoring on the Scatter Rally site. Most is now in English and Swedish. Any comments on the rules and scoring are welcomed.

                          oktober 31, 2007 at 20:57 #113970

                          Due to health and related travel I must delay the next Scatter Rally, I was hoping to hold it this weekend but it will have to wait till the 18th November.

                          I have to wait till I return on the 13th to make the final decision to hold it or not (weather will be the deciding factor) but in the mean time, if you think you will take part could you let me know.

                          The Rally will be in Höganås Kommun and should be an interesting one. Planned finish time will be 12:30, final destination awaiting confirmation.

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