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    I am having a problem with out 1992 900 2.1 Automatic. It was difficult to start today but once started – no gears. It doesn’t matter which gear I select the car doesn’t react other than when selecting R or D the engine rev’s increase slightly and then drop back to idle.

    I let the engine warm up in case there was some ice in an oil pipe but this didn’t help.

    The work shop manual says it could be oil level, blocked oil filter, or the gear change cable is not adjusted.

    I have checked the oil level, no problems and the oil is clean, no burnt smell.

    Tomorrow I will try lift the car and see if the cable is loose or broken, failing that I will take the bottom off and check the oil filter.

    Before taking the bottom off, does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem might be or what I should check.

    Any help would be appreciated. (Replies can be in Swedish)


    Hi – I have checked the cable and it seems in order. I have not tried removing the cable yet as the manual states you need a special tool to undo the bolt at the gear selector.

    What I did try was to roll the car back and forth, no matter what gear is selected the wheels rotate freely.

    Am I right in thinking this is a lot more serious that just a cable problem. Any suggestions on what else can be checked.


    wish I could help you! Surely someone around here has had the same problem!?


    Kan du rulla bilen med växelspaken i p-läget? I så fall måste det ha med växelväljarkabeln att göra.


    Anders – Thanks. Just went out and tried moving the car in P, it doesn’t move, only when one of the other gears are selected can I move it.


    I´ve been thinking about this problem and the only conclution i get to is that eiter is the drive shaft that connects the engine with the gerarbox broken (or the splines on the shaft has gone elsewhere)or that the oilpump in the gearbox is not functional.
    I have never bothered with automatic gearboxes i just get a new one when they brake so dont take my sugestions to seriously but the drive shaft must be quiet easy to check out.

    Merry X-mas!



    Kaparn – thanks for the information. I have received an email from a friend who also suggested that the oil pump might have gone, only problem is, how do you check the oil pump. The only thing I can think of is to disconnect one of the oil pipes and see if oil comes out when the engine is started. Could be fun.

    As for changing the gearbox, I don’t have the facilities to do the job. I can just about fit my 96 in our garage, the 900 is too long.

    You mentioned it could be the driveshaft, how would I check this.


    Still trying to solve the gearbox problem. Yesterday I decided to check the transmission old level to make sure that there was enough oil in the box before doing any other testing. When cold the transmission oil level is too high, which is normal. Once the engine is running and the gearbox is warm the oil level should show the correct level, which is considerably lower than when cold. Oil level remained the same no matter how warm the engine/gearbox got which makes me suspect no oil circulation. I am hoping to get hold of a oil pressure gauge later in the week to confirm it.

    When reading through the Bently manual I noticed that the oil pump is at the top of the transmission chain, at the front of the car. Is is possible to remove the transmission chain cover without removing the engine/gearbox?

    Is it possible to replace the oil transmission oil pump without removing the engine/gearbox?

    Are there any inspection holes on the transmission chain cover that would allow you to check if it is moving when the engine is turned over?

    Any help would be appreciated.


    I am still pondering over the gearbox problem. From discussions with a few people it seems the oil pump in the gearbox has failed. To test the oil pump properly I need to fit an oil pressure gauge, would it be possible to fit a normal oil pressure gauge (like the one fitted to the instrument panel) to the gearbox or must I use the Saab pressure gauge?

    My knowledge of the automatic gearbox is limited and I was wondering if the torque convertor could be at fault, I imagine if this does not function then the oil pump won’t either, or, the oil pump may function but there will be no drive to the gearbox!


    did you remove the oil pan and filter at all? In the EPS it seems that the filter is mounted on a pipe and since the oil pump is quite high above oil level any broken or leaking o-ring will cause it not to suction oil properly.


    Stefan – I have not taken it off lately, will see if I can get the car up on ramps tomorrow and take it apart. Thanks.


    Thanks to all for the help, unfortunately I must now give up on solving the gearbox problem and replace the car, which is a pity, it is bes. & skatt. Anyone who has a gearbox and is looking for a car to put it in, let me know. Will open a new thread with the sales details.


    why not only change the gear box it will only take a day regards


    Niklas – Agree, only problem, don’t have the lifting equipment or a garage to do it in. As the car can’t be driven, I can’t get it to another place. Hopefuly someone else will be able to get it back on the road, would be a shame to scrap it.

    peter engqvist

    jag har 2 automatlådor står som ingen vill ha

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