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    • juni 19, 2022 at 07:44 #495007

      I loved watching the recent videos of the parade of 92’s; I sure wish I could have participated (I am a USA owner). My question is; is their a directory or registry of current owners, with contact info.? Perhaps the parade organizers have owners email addresses? It would be nice to have.
      Jim Pascale

        juni 20, 2022 at 20:08 #495046


        Fun fact: The roots of this forum actually started exactly as you are asking for.
        Back in the day (before my time) there was a group of people who searched and gathered information about the Saab 92’s that existed.
        It was then called ”The Saab 92 Register”, and was sort of a ”sub-division” of the Motor Historiska Sällskapet.
        As it grew bigger, a ”magazine” was made for its members, containing info about found Saab 92’s in the traffic register and etc.

        I suppose one can say this was the ancestor of todays ”bakrutan”, the Swedish Saab Club magazine. You can actually find these old magazines on this forum by the way.
        On this forum, under the tab ”BAKRUTAN” you can go back as faar as to 1982.

        What I write above is just based on memory from what I’ve read in the old magazines.

        Today, with the GDPR law, it is not legal to showcase people’s contact information however one pleases.
        But, if you put some search-activity-elbow-grease into this, you can probably find a few people who own a Saab 92 (I’m one of them)

        Also, check out this thread:
        92A & 92B registret?

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