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    Dear friends,

    I’m desperately searching a gasket kit for my 99 Turbo gearbox. On the web ( I’ve found the kit from the Saab part number 7496003 but it was designed for 5 speed gearboxes and according to Saabits ”the side-cover gasket will not fit and sealant would need to be used instead”.

    So this is the reason I’m writing this post: where can I find the right gasket kit or the right side-cover gasket for my 4 speed gearbox?

    Thank you in advance



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    i THINK this is correct, i had a -80 gearbox that was the same as later 4 speeds.

    if that is the case for yours aswell the saab number is 8728677 for the oi-stick housing.

    You will have to buy the 5 speed kit or every part 1 by 1. there is no kit that fits the 4 speed .

    What you need is really

    * Oil stick cover gasket 8728677
    *Primary chain cover gasket 8732380
    *Diff cover gasket 8728651
    *Input shaft seal (in to primary housing) 8710881

    Then there is

    *Seal for gear selector rod (requires dissasembly to fit, doesnt usually leak)
    *outgoing axles seals. (also usually doesnt fail)


    There is 2 different types of the side cover.

    My memory is also a little weak here but i think the chillcast housing do not have the same side cover as a later4/5 speed gearboxes.
    99 Turbo should have a chillcast gearbox
    Maybee the chillcast gasket is aviable from Saabklubben ?

    It´s an easy task to make your own gasket from a gasket sheet if you don´t find the right gasket

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    Thank you very much guys! Really appreciate


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