How can I check whether a car is reported stolen?

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    while shopping for a new 2nd hand OG9-5 here in the Netherlands, I ran into a car with Swedish license plate number etched into the window glass.
    When checking on the internet I got this:

    SAAB 9-5 Sportcombi stulen i Västerås
    En ljusgrå SAAB 9-5 Sportcombi stals den 10 januari 2006 på Strömledningsgatan i Västerås, Västmanlands län.
    Fabrikat: SAAB 9-5 Vector Sportcombi
    Regnummer: UWN551
    Chassinummer: YS3EF55E043508844
    Årsmodell: 2004
    Värde ca 190.000 kronor

    The car was stolen on10/1/2006 and was imported/registered in the Netherlands 3 months later.
    After that the car has been driven for at most 2 years and has not been on the road for the last 6 years and is now for sale here.

    The seller is a Saab specialist but when I asked about the 6 years not having been on the road (no annual technical inspection) he did not give a clear answer.

    Is there an easy/good way of checking whether the car is still reported as stolen in Sweden?

    Any chance that anybody knows the Swedish owner of the car?



    This car with the swedish plates is out of the registery here in sweden.
    The car is out of the system but with the win number there will be still problem if you will try to take it here to sweden and registry here again.



    Hi Magnus,

    thank you for the answer!

    But when I visit Sweden on vacation I do not run a risk of confiscation if somebody happens to check the VIN number?




    I will have the answer tomorrow if it is wanted also today. May years ago and it could be out of searching list.

    But if they stop you they will take the car for investigation, and when you know it is stolen, you will lose the car.

    But tomorrow I know more.



    I checked with our Dutch car registration office and they checked the registers in all the countries they have access to (including Sweden).

    No entries on the car so it was safe to buy.


    The car could have been stolen and then found. Then the insurance company would have sold it to a local dealer if the case was closed. That happened to me when my 9000 Aero was stolen by some bank robbers 15 years ago.

Visar 6 inlägg - 1 till 6 (av 6 totalt)
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