V4 96 (1971) As donor car to 60’s two-strokes

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    I have the possibility to get some of the parts I need for my 1971 V4 96 from a car of the same year but there is one small problem. The current owner would like to keep what parts he can for his 60’s two-strokes.

    Does anyone have a brief, or detailed, overview of what from the 1971 V4 96 can be used on what 60’s two-stroke, also what cannot be used.

    I am presuming the current owner will be looking for parts that match the 60’s two-strokes so I imagine fenders and such will not fit. Personally my main interest is in the rear suspension, brakes, and some interior items like rear seat back and rear hat rack.

    Any information would be appreciated as I don’t want to take parts only to find out he could have used them himself.

    Best Regards

    Gary A McConnell


    I have been trying to research into some of the parts that can be used and the following is what I have come up with so far.

    From the Saabklubben site they note the following changes, I have not listed all, just what I think is relevant:

    1967, disc brakes up front
    1968, last year of two-stroke (28 regstered in Sweden), new interior, bigger windows, different dash.
    1969, new headlights, grill, indicators, bumpers, logos, brake servo
    1970, new dash board, steering wheel, new back seat (half combi)
    1971, chrome lists moved to bottom of door, new light relays, headlight wipers

    On checking for spares at a few of the places I found the following:

    AD Center: different brake pipes and hoses from 68 onwards, different drive shaft joints only fitting 65-80 V4’s.
    Biltema: Back brakes 66-80, rear wheel cylinders 66-80.

    A comment I received was that the rear axle should fit all 96 bodies.

    If anyone has anything to add or see things that I have got wrong, I look forward to hearing from you.

    My current conclusion is there are only a few smaller parts that would be useful to the Two-strokes up to 66. Am I wrong!

    Best Regards

    Gary A McConnell


    Most everything starting from the A-pillar and back can be used, but may not exactly match the original. Most all sheet metal, rear axle, rear brakes (they DO fit all the way back from halfway through ’61, but the diameter of the pistons aren’t an exact match), gas tank (again not a perfect match but perfectly useable), fenders (provided the gas filler is moved), well… most everything from firewall and back can be used; but parts may require slight mods to fit.


    Enor – Thanks for the information. I thought things would fit with a bit of modifying but I am new to the Saab world and didn’t want to make assumptions. Looks like I will be getting some parts from the car.


    Gary A McConnell

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