Water leak under the dash board

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    Now that the car is through besiktning and control registration for the tow bar I can concentrate on the other items that need looked into.

    The next job is to locate a water leak under the dash board. When the car is parked and it is raining water drips from either side of the dash board onto the floor.

    Should I remove the dash board and look for the leak there or should I be looking at the air-intake or possibly something under the bonnet.

    Any pointers would be appreciated.

    Best Regards

    Gary A McConnell



    The first thing I should have checked (spelling?) is the hole where the wiper arms goes through the metal under the windshield. On my V4 I had troubles with cracks in the rubbergasket that should keep the rainwater out, hence it did not keep the rainwater out…

    Another thing that could be the trouble is rust under the frame that keeps the windshield in place

    Pardon my spelling and my bad english but I hope that you will understand!



    Lången – Thanks for the information. I will look at both and see what I can find. There is a little rust at the bottom of the windscreen but not enough to cause the amount of water dripping. I will check the rubbers around the wiper arms.

    No problems with your English, am impressed in general with the responses I have received on other threads from other members. I do understand most Swedish, but not enough to write or speak it yet.


    mats a

    ”A little rust” seen at the edge of the windscreen in most cases means a hole beneath the windscreen rubber lining(?), especially in the corners where water trickles down at the sides of the windscreen.



    Mats A – Thanks.

    Have been out having a look and it looks like the rubber gaskets on the wiper arms are in bad condition and there is rust that goes up behind the rubber seal on the windscreen. Looks like the dash board is coming out and possibly the windscreen. Will start looking for the wiper arm gaskets.

    As a novice to old cars, can the windscreen be removed and refitted without special tools.


Visar 5 inlägg - 1 till 5 (av 5 totalt)

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