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Thank you M.Broberg.
May I to ask dummy question if 900S have also other ECU for running the injector, calculating TDC…. or APC does it all? Sorry but SAAB 900S is really something I got first time in my life. I speculating that car have APC for sensing the knock and controlling the boost but have also main ECU somewhere. Can you give me location where ECU is installed (I suppose is on the wall next to the glove box under the carpets)? I need to sent instructions how to remove ECU to owner of the car (car is not in my location any more) so it is a bit more difficult for all of us 🙂
Thank you

Is the HP on the hub or crank in the dyno chart? THe ECU is located were yuo guess on the right side wall under the glove compartment.
To remove the ECU its easy. Remove the bracket that holds the carpets in place, remove the wall carpets and remove the screws that holds the ECU in place. Also disconnect the harness/connector. How ever it might be tight of space if you wont remove the knee panel and air distribution pipe but the ECU can be removed without remove these parts.

”I speculating that car have APC for sensing the knock and controlling the boost” correct the APC is adjusting the boost preassure and also detect knocking and adjust the boost because of that. The apc system is almost stand alone from the rest of the engine ECU etc so its easy to to install apc on a non apc turob as a 900S lpt. I have done this on my car for example.

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