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@krister k
interesting article. although i was looking more about info on motor swaps with b204 or b234 engines from saab 9000 and saab 900ng of saab 9-3.
the things that im still questioning is how the drive shafts will fit, or if they will need to be shortened. i think the engine and gearbox will probably fit with some modifications, as its quite a compact engine. but im not sure about the drive shaft.
i know the engine has been used in other cars, because of the turbo, and the high torque and horsepower which it can produce.

so in general if anyone knows more about an engineswap with a b204, b234 or similar engine.. it would surely help.

@Morten S.
nice car! it is metallic green too, just like mine. i like the color a lot. my car too has quite a few rust spots which have been painted, painted dark green. it is hard to match the metallic green color of the car. but i dont mind, the car is 39 years old, so it may look that way:)

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