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Hej again!

I had the engine out again yesterday. Simmering is ok, no oil coming out there. But the gasket at the sump was not ok, oil coming out at the rear-end where the oil-pump is. The sump is not 100% even in that area, so I took another sump which is better.

So I put in a new gasket with silikon (Dirko HT) on both sides of the sump-gasket. Also put silikon at the plug of the balansaxle, and from outside on the sump-gasket.
Put in a new manifold-gasket, silikon from both sides.

Did a test drive today, about 25km. Manifold is ok, but Oil coming out again somewehre at the sump… 😡

Now I don’t know what I can do about it. Only thing I should try is put on a normal manifold for Solex-Carburettor and mak one final try with a Weber 40DFI to see if it has something to do with the kors-insug and its crank-case-ventilation.
But at the moment I don’t have any motivation left, and no time for the next three weeks.

Thanks to all of you!


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