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Mr Grant,

Please see my reply in the Saabfestival Forum.

In short – you can rest assure that there was no conspiracy at all. The Jury this year was all new, and all non saab employed. We had no contact what so ever with the Saab-Spyker team before the decision were made about the winners. In fact, it did not even cross our minds during the meetings that we had to let at least one Dutch car win, given the circumstances the past year.

The blue Sedan was lovely, and Im sure Bernt will winn future shows with it. But this year we had more things weighing in that just strict condition. Longterm restoration, history, small details etc was also included. All 4 members of the 99 Jury agreed that the dutch car was a winner, and also the blue Sedan had some minor issues. These were later also discussed between parts of the jury and the owner.

Regardless of which car that wins, there will always be different opinions, and people arguing about wrong choice etc. Its not easy to be in a Jury, and have to pick one winner from a number of absolutely lovely cars. Somebodys toes will for sure be stepped on. But political pressure was not an issue, only the views of 4 Saab enthusiasts with no connection to the company were present this time.

This discussion is hereby closed. There is no material for further theories.

Best regards,

Martin Simonsson,
Member of Saabklubben, and member of the Jury in the Saabfestival 2010 in the classes Saab 99, Saab 900 and Saab convertible.

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