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turbo killer

Sorry to hear about you engine damage 🙁

Maybe i can share my experience of this engine….
From my experience and the experience of others, 6000rpm with the standard valve train on the ’H’ series head is probably your highest safe limit, with the occasional limit of around 6300 for short periods.
I arrived at this figure not only from experiences but also on the advice from a professional race engine builder.
More on my engine here

As a side note, the other engine part that can ’explode’ on the ’H’ engine is the oil pump, the two early pumps are not very good at sustained high rpm’s, the first pump, with two flat segments for the drive and the second pump with one drive lobe, the later pump with three drive lobes is the one you should use.

The standard valve train parts of the ’H’ and ’B’ series engines are very heavy, not really surprising as the original concept of these engines was developed by the Scania truck division!
The valves and buckets are way too heavy;
carb exhaust valve = 92g (pt number 836229).
carb exhaust valve = 78g (pt number 84689).
inj/turbo exhaust valve = 74g.
Inlet valve 42mm diameter = 94g.
bucket = 96g.

On my ultra big valve ’B’ series head the vlave train weight has been reduced by around 20% even though the actual valve size diameters are larger!
46mm inlet vlaves and 36mm exhaust valves.
These valves have been specially designed by Puma Race Engines;

The original Saab bucket has been replaced by a Puegeot 205 bucket;

When using the Peugeot bucket lash caps need to be used to adjust the clearance, ordinary Saab shims cannot be used.

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