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Thanks for the compliments. I’ll have to pass the credit for the work to the previous owner, Hans, who brought the car to Canada from Holland in 1965. He did an extensive renovation and technical update in 2002 including the metallic silver paint.

The story with Hans is sad one. He has recently had a second diagnosis of cancer and is not doing well. He decided to sell this car, along with a 1967 V4 and a lot of spare parts since he wanted to pass things along before he dies. A good friend of mine and I bought the two cars and 1000KG of parts. When we finalized the purchase, Hans informed us he was donating all the money from this sale to his local children’s cancer center. We were quite taken by his charity.

Here is a picture of Hans on the day we picked up the cars;
Here he is defying his doctors orders by insisting that he drive the two cars onto the transport;
Stubborn Dutchman!

This is the first car I’ve bought totally restored. I have much experience with other marques but the two stroke is providing a challenge for basic information.
I was not aware of the oil injection pump possibly being difficult. I do have two spares but I do need to know there is a problem before there is breakage. I do have an oil pressure light but it goes on and off with the pump pressure. Is this normal? What about cooling – what is a normal engine temperature for 90 km/hr on a 20c day?

Any other tips would be welcomed.

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