Sv: Re: SAAB 92 Husbil


If there was ever a Saab in the forest that is worthy of restoring, this is it. I wish I had the finances and resources to make an offer and fetch it. I don’t think I would have too much of a problem restoring the body, the hardest part will be ensuring the bottom is in good condition and any special mechanical parts are easy to re-make, I have a feeling there will be some parts that where specially made.

When I had finished restoring the body of my 1966 Thomson Glenn T-Line I found that it would have been easier and quicker to strip the whole thing down to the wooden frame and then build it up again, I would recommend anyone lucky enough to take on this project to seriously consider striping it down completely, replace any of the wooden frames that are damaged and then build it up. Making new plates for the outside will be a lot easier than repairing rust on a standard 96.

If anyone gets in contact with the owner and finds out if they are intersted in selling, please post the information if you are not going to make an offer yourself.

Look forward to hearing what the future of this vehicle will be.

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