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turbo killer

OK, i have my own thoughts on the limitations of the standard K-jet system….over the years i have heard many power figures given for tuned 8 valve Saab engines with K-jet, ranging from 150bhp to 180bhp, of course there is always the possibility that these figures have come about because of inaccurate rolling roads, but if these figures are to be true, then why did the Saab competition department change from a perfectly reliable quite modern fuel injection system to twin carbs that are giving out the same power?

Niklas, yes it is possible to reach this figure with carbs, but not on standard valve sizes. Lots of cars used K-jet parts, VW, Mercedes, Porsche and maybe improvements could be made by using some of these other systems, as we know Saab made a change with the 99 turbo rally car with a system from a another model.

After i removed the K-jet parts i fitted this system with an ECU and achieved some very good results…

I will post more specific details later.

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