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turbo killer

Niklas, thank you for posting the figures. But from my experience the wheels and engine figures do not quite look correct, are these figures from an official paper or from a dyno/rolling road.
I will explain why i think this, because on a rolling road we measure the power at the wheels, so if the dyno is set up properly it should read a good figure or there about, but for the engine figure the dyno will use software and coastdown losses etc to ’estimate’ the engine or flywheel figure. On a front wheel drive car the formula that is used to get to a ’ball park’ figure for the flywheel power is to add 10 to the wheels figure and divide by 0.9. So if we use the 142.5 + 10/0.9 = 169.4bhp, so this is quite a lot more than the stated figure. A good article too read is here
But after saying this i personally think the power losses through the Saab gearbox are higher than on other cars with a more conventional gearbox.

Please excuse my ignorance, i think hk = horsepower, so what is dhk ?

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