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Mats – Agree about getting lost in Skåne when there are clouds around, but it is fun and there are so many things to find that it is worth driving in circles for a while.

There is nothing stopping anyone from setting up a route for a Scatter Rally, the important thing when doing it is that you make sure it is safe for people to stop and take the photographs, chances are there will be children in some of the cars.

Another important things is, its not always what you set up to be photographed thats important, but the roads you need to drive to get to them.

While setting up the rally for Höganås there are so many fantastic places, but virtually impossible to photograph, however I have found some strange and interesting things to photograph and what you see on the way is even more interesting.

As the Scatter Rally logo says, ”Getting there is all the fun!”

If you want to set up a route, let us know if we can help.

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