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Yes, many Dutch have a warm place in their harts for SAAB’s the same goes for Volvo drivers really. I think it’s being different than all those Merc, VW, BMW and Audi drivers that’s apealing. 🙂

The negative noices come from the critics like Peter Paul de Vries. This is because he’s 1. a financial oriented person who looks at things with the financial picture in the back of his mind. 2. He is a critic. 🙂 He was invited to the 2nd program Pauw and Witteman because he was questioned as, again, a critic to the situation the banking sector in the Netherlands is in now and what the Dutch ministres done wrong. Thus, a well choice of the hosts Paul Witteman and Jeroen Pauw. 🙂

If you want my opinion: I think Victor Muller did well in the 2nd interview. He is a car maniac owning over 25 cars, being in races etc. This creates a bit of a playboy image but that’s unavoidable if you live your work and enjoying it.

For the financial part. I do think that Spyker needs SAAB as SAAB needs Spyker. It is just as Muller said. Because Spyker is in financial terms only 3 percent of the whole venture, Spyker becomes SAAB rather than the other way arround. And it is harder to sell exclusive sportscars than cars in SAAB’s segment. Muller knows this. He merely dived on the opportunity to make two small elements into one strong element.
Spyker being on the stock exchange and with the financial backing and SAAB with the more interesting businessmodel (more affordable cars for more people then only the elite) and the 1100 dealerships.

That’s my very humble opinion on the matter.

Oh yes, and I think it is great to see to European companies bind together to fight another day at each other’s side. A real breath of fresh air compared to all those other car companies that went to Asia. We’ve never heard from Rover again. And I do fear for Volvo…


O yes again, I do read Swedish (with some difficulty) but it just costs me too much time to translate everything directly to Swedish. You probably wouldn’t be able te read my Swedish anyway’s. 🙂

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