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Finally! All four wheel bolts are on the front left wheel again. A lot more work and running around than I first expected. Two additional trips to the scrap yard and I finally got a wheel hub, plus wheel knuckle housing, and the drive axle off the car. Could not get the axle nut off but once it was on the work bench, and a 1m long pipe over the socket handle (Kaparn – What a difference).

My plan was to replace the complete steering knuckle housing. All the information I had gathered said that parts from 1988-1993 would fit, excepting I never took into consideration the ABS that is fitted to our car, and of course the steering knuck housing I struggled to get off the scrapped car didn’t have ABS, you live and learn. This is the first car with ABS that I have been working on so I am a little new to where the sensors are and what they are like.

I managed to get a local mechanic to help me tonight to drill out the old wheel bolt and re-tap the thread, took 1.5 hours of his time but now the car is back safely on the road again. It sure helps getting to know the right people with the knowledge and proper equipment, will definitely be calling on him in the future, and his pricing can only be argued upwards.

Tomorrow I will change the wheels, fit new hub caps and take a photo or two.

Next jobs on the list, fit the tow bar and get a set of 4 mud flaps. It sure is fun when things work.

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