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”work cars” are car manufacturers official rallyteams cars. Many times those teams are driven some independent rallyteams such: Toyota had TTE/Toyota Team Europe in Germany, Subaru has Prodrive in UK, Hyndai Works team was located also in UK and so one. Saab had Works team in Sweden, Trollhättan and Finnish Saab factory had onwn Works team ”blueWhites” in Finland.
Then also there where ”semi Works”- cars and drivers, they had Works Cars with good co-operation with work teams but own sponsors and private teams. In Sweden we can named one wery talent Saab 96 driver, Erkki Temmes, for examble. Nowdays you can find those ”semi works” like Henning Solberg, or Stobart Ford- team.
Third gategory is those cars made tens or hundreds in private garage, for normal rallying hoppy. Just order parts from competition department and build itself. Some of those made in old days can be quite near like original works cars, and some have only some critical parts.
Anyway if we think old rallycars, many of them and the drivers have wery interrested stories to tell, whatever its Works car or homemade. Its time to catch those storys, so many those old heroes getting older every day.

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