Len Burke

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    To me the gantry machine is what we call a 5 axis cutter. It is used a lot in pre production of all kinds of molds that can then be used to form the end product. I have seen a huge block of high density foam shaped by the cutter (drill) shape a boat hull over a five day period.
    The system is controlled by a computer which has been programmed with…[Läs mer]

  • Len Burke kommenterade en aktivitet 3 år, 11 månader sedan

    Tjalle Yes the DI cassette is like that old American Express ad
    ”Never leave home without it” I have gone through 3 x plastic coolant tanks on my 9000 recently. They all split under pressure where the top half is press fitted to the lower half.
    Anyone out there who can suggest why the wipers on the 9000 don`t work?
    All the fuses seem fine.…[Läs mer]

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    Bruce and Angelo have me pegged pretty well. I can`t seem to find anyone who will take my 97- automatic Red Aero 9000 with 211,000 miles, for small money. I paid $12,900 USD for an 07- 95 immaculate wagon with 19K miles early this year. Beat out 20 callers, probably all Saab nuts willing to over pay as well. I can still get parts in Florida, and…[Läs mer]

  • Len Burke kommenterade en aktivitet 4 år sedan

    Saabstance, I`ve spent a lot of time over the years in your great country.
    Even back in the days of the original Boogie Street. Used to go to the Saab dealer in the trade center building near the Sentosa chair lift.
    Next time I`m heading your way, I would like to contact and meet you fellas.

  • Len Burke kommenterade en aktivitet 4 år sedan

    Great stuff all involved. Already the real bread and butter Saabers are contributing. No Monique, I`m not off topic mentioning bread and butter, it`s a saying, meaning the day to day Saab people. The ones that made Saab Saab for all those years. Just pulling your leg. I`m already enjoying the site. Thank you Len.

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