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  • I saw some photos of it yesterday , not sure which website, but it like an old Saab 9-3, especially from the rear. It is not a car that would sell well in the US, as it appears to be what it is, a 15 year old […]

  • Chris Hansel kommenterade en aktivitet 6 år, 5 månader sedan

    I had a 85 900 with the same wheels. They are still in my ex-wife’s garage I think. I don’t think they would look all that good on my 2003 9-3 Aero however, and they are too small. I’m also a skier, and I plan to drive my Saab to the slopes this winter and ski at age 66. I will post some photos from the hospital! And the Saab in some Arizona snow.

  • Chris Hansel kommenterade en aktivitet 6 år, 10 månader sedan

    Jonathan, there has been a need to direct some of the posters to a more positive way of expression for a very long time at SAABSUNITED, going back to the time of Swade. So I agree with your approach. I only have one problem with the new system. I can’t find my Saab member photo? When I go in re-install it all the instructions are in Swedish! Help!

    • Thanks Chris, appreciate it!

      We use the Gravatar system for profile pictures (avatars) here at SU (in the Saabklubben website network). The easiest way to set a picture is to create a Gravatar here: Once you’ve done that, your picture will work for your account here at SU and on all websites that support Gravatar…[Läs mer]

    • Very happy to see an upvoting system in place, we’ve really needed that here for a long time. I hope it will encourage people back from silence, and put an end to the same old boring repeated ”it’ll never work” comments.

      I’m very interested in hearing about any and all classic and modern Saab’s, restoration projects, owners’ cars, and – yes –…[Läs mer]

  • Chris Hansel kommenterade en aktivitet 6 år, 10 månader sedan

    Well, sorry I’m late to the party, but did the man say, production for the Trollhattan plant would be for Europe and America? Here in Arizona I’m keeping my rag tag fleet of Saabs going waiting for that day.

    Does this make any sense? Well, if you buy the new China plant can supply China’s needs and that NEVS wants to establish an independent…[Läs mer]

    • Saab products might have been competitive and maybe that’s what you’re saying but Saab was NOT competitive as far as selling cars and making profits. And NEVS is not Saab—-NEVS doesn’t have the brand. They’re now backpeddling and saying they didn’t want the brand and we all know that’s hogwash. Bottom line: No new Saabs will come from NEVS, ever.

      • Angelo your right not only that Nevs won’t even get to first base with any cars ,,, I truly believe the company will be gone before it happens,,, My suspicion is all smoke screen and mirrors for original investors to get back losses. Nevs, come on who are they really in the car world?? Nobody… This in the end is a money grab,, a shell a fraud.

        • I think you’re right about the goal being KJJ and others to make a few bucks for their trouble, cash out and move on to the next scam. They have been around over 4 years now and haven’t done squat. They haven’t even had a consistent vision to share with the automotive world—-they’re all over the place and talking nonsense, using buzz word…[Läs mer]

          • Angelo, Kai Johan has sold – 52% – to China – he is in the dry.

            NEVS will not sink SAAB – that was done by GM and Muller. NEVS has nothing, whatsoever, to do with SAAB.

            Muller was not capable of designing beautiful cars – nor SAAB:s. He is -being nice – a no-good horsetrader.

            • Exactly—-KJJ ”getting whole again” was/is the point of everything NEVS has done the last couple years.

              Muller—-I said he ”produced” beautiful cars (penned by GM). I didn’t say he designed them.

              ”Saab” cars died in the hands of NEVS. They got the rights to the name, they got the factory, they apparently hired engineers—-and now…[Läs mer]

      • The sad truth is that Saab hardly ever made money, independent or as part of GM. It had interesting products (I have had 12 Saabs over the years) that connected with a lot of folks like us, and that was great, but in the end you have to make money. Operating a small company on a shoestring budget and by seat-of-the-pants, do-or-die gumption is…[Läs mer]

        • Well, I would have been quite happy ”making out” with Rachel Pang of Youngman. NEVS destroyed that little fantasy of mine, too.

  • Chris Hansel kommenterade en aktivitet 6 år, 11 månader sedan

    Glad to see you left the ” Howdy” on logon. It’s a very friendly way to be greeted.

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