Doug R.

  • Doug R. kommenterade en aktivitet 5 år, 11 månader sedan

    Angelo your right not only that Nevs won’t even get to first base with any cars ,,, I truly believe the company will be gone before it happens,,, My suspicion is all smoke screen and mirrors for original investors to get back losses. Nevs, come on who are they really in the car world?? Nobody… This in the end is a money grab,, a shell a fraud.

    • I think you’re right about the goal being KJJ and others to make a few bucks for their trouble, cash out and move on to the next scam. They have been around over 4 years now and haven’t done squat. They haven’t even had a consistent vision to share with the automotive world—-they’re all over the place and talking nonsense, using buzz word…[Läs mer]

      • Angelo, Kai Johan has sold – 52% – to China – he is in the dry.

        NEVS will not sink SAAB – that was done by GM and Muller. NEVS has nothing, whatsoever, to do with SAAB.

        Muller was not capable of designing beautiful cars – nor SAAB:s. He is -being nice – a no-good horsetrader.

        • Exactly—-KJJ ”getting whole again” was/is the point of everything NEVS has done the last couple years.

          Muller—-I said he ”produced” beautiful cars (penned by GM). I didn’t say he designed them.

          ”Saab” cars died in the hands of NEVS. They got the rights to the name, they got the factory, they apparently hired engineers—-and now…[Läs mer]

  • Doug R. kommenterade en aktivitet 5 år, 11 månader sedan

    Nevs will never make it far as a world wide brand,,, EV cars only, not happening and certainly nothing I would consider.. Its a hoax for long term ownership. Very tiny segment.

    That said if Volvo doesn’t consider the Saab badge Saab will never return. Highly unlikely after the mess Nevs made of the name, that Saab AB would license or…[Läs mer]

    • Congratulations, Doug R. That is the most perceptive and beat comment made on this website, perhaps ever.

    • Doug: Now back at a computer and to elaborate briefly, I don’t know for sure that Volvo is the last chance to ever pump life into the Saab name again for cars, but I do know that if they did secure use of the name, they would likely be the BEST chance to breathe any life at all into Saab. NEVS can do whatever they are doing, whatever that might…[Läs mer]

      • The sad thing about what has happened is that we are inclined to look for something ”closer to a SAAB” when the time comes to replace our cars. Unfortunately, for some of us this is not very satisfying. It may sound strange, but for those of us who feel that way it is perhaps better to find interesting alternatives that are not much like a SAAB…[Läs mer]

        • That’s actually a great point, 3cyl. It’s sort of like losing a spouse—-then starting to date and looking for ”somebody like my ex” instead of just finding someone to be happy with. I currently have six cars (counting a company vehicle that I don’t own). I don’t think I’ll be in the new car market anytime soon. But when I am, I will look for…[Läs mer]

        • Four years ago I realised that my 9000 had come – close to – end of life. 9000 was developed for 17 years and 250.000 km – mine had 15 years and 280.000 km.

          I started to look for a vehicle that would be in line with what a SAAB could have been and two years ago I found one that is OK with me.

          It has:
          -petrol inline turbo six
          -8-speed auto…[Läs mer]

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