• While we’ve been talking a lot about Jan Åke’s retirement, Vladimir’s intent to invest in the company, and how certain members of the Swedish press feels that Victor is the antichrist, we may have lost sight of […]

    • Keep calm and carry on? Where is the ship steering. An information director who does not inform when asked questions. It is a company not a police investigation?
      ”The truth shall set You free!”

      Bad timing indeed:
      – ovloV scouting for 1000 engineers, I bet the look upstreams towards Trollhättan

    • I have had the possibility to read the ”Cirkus Muller” book.
      It is really interesting reading it is primarily based on interviews with the following people
      Bo Andersson, Vladimir Antonov, Peter Brown, Maarten de Bruijn, Joop Donkervoort, Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, Peter van Egmond, Jöran Hägglund, Lennart Iredahl, Jan-Åke Jonsson, Christian von Koenigsegg, Victor Muller, Maud Olofsson, Chris Preuss. Hans van Rennes, Jan Maarten Slagter, David Tomic, Jörgen Trued and Ed Whitacre
      Jens has also interviewed 8 persons, who all of them has agreed only to speak if granted anonymity. These persons are people who has worked or is working near Victor Muller or have know Spykers CEO on some other way. The have all asked for anonymity becausae the do not want to face the wrath of Victor Muller.
      Having read the book I must say it is an entertaining book of a multifaceted person who raises from the playboy like life in the snobby Minerva Society at his University. Mingling with the wealthiest people in Holland and getting the prettiest girl an ex-model.
      Th book takes You on a roller coaster journey through a business life few can only dream on. Big business, fast cars, rich people.
      The interiors painted in the motorsportbusiness are just for themselves worth reading the book. The struggle the go through with just about anything and parallel to this developing a street legal car.
      Anyone who likes F1 will have some great reading.

      Buying SAAB. According to Vladimir Antonov it was his idea to try to buy Saab. The author speculates that the one who was truly interested in Saab was Vladimir not Victor. The only one of the two who has owned a Saab is Vladimir.
      Victor says that if we only can get the Saab enthusiast to by the new car the company is saved (have we?).

      5 pages on the SaabsUnited Historic Rally Team most of it correctly written besides it was not Vladimir who paid for the extravagant lunch at The Grand Hotel it was my team buddy Bo.
      To wrap it up it IS an entertaining book well worth to read. Anyone who is interested in the Saab company should read it. It is a must to get the broad picture. Then one can make up his/hers mind.

      The book can be bought at a special negotiated SU price at Ekerlids Books
      190 SEK incl 25% VAT and freight in Sweden
      In Europe 266 SEK
      Outside Europe 288 SEK
      Email to and mention ”Specialpris” in the email!

    • -”Sweden is a small place” 🙂 😉

    • Coke,
      You are so right, SUHRT are in the same situation to place an order on two 9-5´s. I do not feel comfortable at all. I contacted Vladimir asking him to step in and lay the cards right. It is much frustration around so maybe it is better to let the pressure out once for all. I do not take the Keep Calm….. anymore. A company has to pay the bills in time that is the the way the whole system operates. NTP experiences hands on says it all, people, customers, the general public, supplier, contractors finally comes to the roads end. We must avoid that.
      CONFIDENCE is the key word of the day I wish that AngelCard could come up today…and tomorrow…. and the day after that.

    • Saabonaut,
      Do Yourself a favor read it first come with constructive critique after… OK

  • In less than a month, I’ll be reporting again for SaabsUnited at the New York International Auto Show. Last year, you’ll remember Saab’s stand was next to GM in the place where Hummer would have been if GM hadn’t […]

    • CJ,
      I would not have said anything if it was getting Saab service in Antelope Oregon. But for NY people. Send in Red Adair and stop the leak now we do not need more iduA cars in the roads.
      I civilized educated areas of the US and Canada there must be a complete service and dealer network.
      CJ You just nailed an very important issue! Hope You find a nice Turbo X SEDAN…:-)

  • Aaaarrghhhh that was a long trip. Tim has turned off the fasten your reload icon and everyone is free to comment about the site. Hopefully the server enjoys the naturally cooler temperatures and we can proceed as […]

  • An article published yesterday on spanish website claims that Saab will be joining the WRC for the 2013 season. Now before you all attack me for posting silly conjecture from around the internet tubes, I […]

    • SUHRT are following every that touches rallying or racing of course.
      Just to clarify some issues. Bowler is not a big operation with a big engineering department it is quite as small business with a tiny building and the cars coming out are not two alike.
      To be in WRC one has to make 25000 cars according to FIA. You must be able to prove in some way You will be selling that quantity. Saab made 200 cylinderheads for the 70ies 99 EMS for rally homologation at the end the only made aprox. 30 complete engines….
      SUHRT are about to bring in people with years of F1 experience to the team… will have talks in London next week.
      Until Saab has gotten their tail in gear for the big stuff we plan to line up the following rally cars for this years
      – 1978 SAAB 99 Turbo CC Black ”Stig Blomquist RAC Rally 1978”
      – 1978 SAAB 99 Turbo CC White ”Per Eklund RAC Rally 1978”
      – 1980 SAAB 99 Turbo Sedan black ”Stig Blomquist Swedsh Rally 1978”
      – 1980 SAAB 99 Turbo Sedan Blue ”Stig Blomquist Swedish Rally 1981”
      – 1976 SAAB 99 EMS Black ”Stig Blomquist RAC rally 1976”
      – 1974 SAAB 99 L white

  • A report from Autocar says that Saab will be scrapping it’s existing Epsilon 9-3 platform in favor of an entirely ”new” platform. To be fair, Saab has said that it was a heavily revised Epsilon platform that would […]

    • I know ZF was one of the few companies that stayed with SAAB during the hardship 2009.

      There are quite a few variants of 5 links from different groups:
      – GM USA
      – ZF
      – S2AB (ex. Saab chassis guru Magnus Roland) in cooperation with Benteler Gmbh, they have built a superior iduA S4 with the expertise of The REAL Stig, Stig Blomqvist.

      I think Saab should go with Swedsih design and know-how…..

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