• They were more competent then you could think off. Where does your idea come from that these three persons were incompetent?

  • That is perfect news for all three who have done so much for Saab and even for Sweden. That they now might continue there lives without the burden of eventually been hit by another court case.

  • kochje skrev ett nytt inlägg, Saab in Autoworld Brussels III, på webbplatsen SAABSUNITED 3 månader sedan

    Saab Club Belgium is 30 years in 2017 and this is celebrated with a first event in Autoworld Brussels where  a special exhibition ”Saab in the spotlight” is organized by the museum with the support of the […]

  • kochje kommenterade en aktivitet 3 månader, 3 veckor sedan

    Sorry, made a mistake in the last sentence; it is the F16 which is ready for replacement, the F104 was already gone 🙂

  • kochje kommenterade en aktivitet 3 månader, 3 veckor sedan

    First of all it is really sad that such a nice boat got on the rocks, I might think that this event has created some animosity between yourself and your girl-friend.

    But now to your story; fantastic !!! I urge everyone in Europe to offer your recent book, ”American Grippen” to heir defense ministers. You are so right that the F35 is a nightmare…[Läs mer]

  • kochje kommenterade en aktivitet 5 månader sedan

    As soon as the dates for this Saab Car Museum festival are known; let us know so we can see if we can attend.

  • kochje kommenterade en aktivitet 5 månader sedan

    I have all my Saab cars still well looked after by my former dealer.
    So even my Saab 900 from 1987 is maintained without any issue. Only the Saab 96 from 1960 is not accepted anymore but for that beauty I am member of the Saab Club. Till now; cross my fingers but never had any issue in getting spare parts.

  • kochje kommenterade en aktivitet 5 månader, 1 vecka sedan

    A noble gift which will safeguard this symbol for the future in the Saab Museum.

  • I like already to inform you all that the Saab Club Belgium has his 30st anniversary in 2017 and Saab should have been 70 years that same year. This we will make known to the public by showing all Saab models […]

  • kochje kommenterade en aktivitet 5 månader, 3 veckor sedan

    hope that you can enjoy that fine car for a very long time. If you just drive the car for fun then you normally must be able to keep her for so many more years. I am driving my second one but she has now also already more than 90.000 KM. Like you stated; hope to avoid serious damage or an expensive repair. So far so good and I continue to…[Läs mer]

  • kochje kommenterade en aktivitet 5 månader, 3 veckor sedan

    I was not on the SaabsUnited site for a couple of days and now could read Jonathan’s story as well as the articles in Dutch (hanks for this link) This is a catastrophe for the fine dealership of Jan-Willem Brinks and for all the other owners who lost their businesses. Hope they all have the courage and the means of starting over again.

  • kochje kommenterade en aktivitet 5 månader, 3 veckor sedan

    In Germany the LED-bar can be sent to Lafrentz in Kiel for repair. I myself did buy a replacement bar from REDOX Bilfarm AB. That one works perfectly well. I am one of those who want the car to be 100% original (this is just for my friend Angelo 🙂 )

  • kochje kommenterade en aktivitet 7 månader sedan

    Nice car and Video, and what a sound….. Must have sometimes a police car behind you, not?

  • kochje kommenterade en aktivitet 7 månader, 3 veckor sedan

    What a bunch of beautiful cars and what a countryside. This must have been a lovely Saabish day for all who participated. Not to speak about the nice plates we saw on the pictures in the dining room 🙂

  • kochje kommenterade en aktivitet 9 månader sedan

    Tore, am interested to hear how you got your Speed control working again. I do have exactly the same car from also that same year and everything is perfect except the Cruise control. They told me it is quite some work to repair it; is that true?

    • There are several error sources in the speed control system: Vacuum pump, electronic control unit, pneumatic actuator, pedal switches and as in my case – rotten rubber hoses. I had to change ALL hoses. I used about 4-5m with 4mm rubber hose. To access all connections, you have to remove the covers on the dashboard underside. I struggeled to find…[Läs mer]

  • kochje kommenterade en aktivitet 10 månader sedan

    Very good idea and hope there will be lot’s of interesting contributions from all over the world.

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