• Bit of a forgone conclusion seeing as the company is mainly bankrolled by the Chinese government.

  • Steve kommenterade en aktivitet 6 år, 2 månader sedan

    Apart from those niggles the car runs faultless but ever since having the dreaded steering lock failure and not being able to start it without disconnecting and reconnecting the battery I dont trust it 100%. Think its called character!! 😆

  • Steve kommenterade en aktivitet 6 år, 2 månader sedan

    Tried that, had the latest update disc but still no cure. Was advised by the centre that they remove the units and send them to a place in Italy. Sounds a bit drastic to me for what I imagine could be a simple software fix. Seems that’s the problem with a company that isn’t trading anymore.

    • It’s a sad state of affairs. I have a GM era (2004) so hopefully I won’t have quite the same sort of issues. I know parts will eventually become scarce—-but I’m hoping things like computer components remain viable since it was shared with other GM cars. Now finding someone who knows how to work on Saabs and who wants to—-easy now, but might…[Läs mer]

      • Angelo,
        hope that you can enjoy that fine car for a very long time. If you just drive the car for fun then you normally must be able to keep her for so many more years. I am driving my second one but she has now also already more than 90.000 KM. Like you stated; hope to avoid serious damage or an expensive repair. So far so good and I continue to…[Läs mer]

  • Steve kommenterade en aktivitet 6 år, 2 månader sedan

    I contacted Bilfarm and they don’t manufacture them anymore and no plans to start again. Anybody know of any repairers in the UK? A fix for the sat nav system would be nice too but that’s a different story!!

    • If it’s the Belgium-syndrome your nav has, contact your Saab workshop. There is as far as I know a firmware-update available for the nav-unit.

  • Steve kommenterade en aktivitet 6 år, 2 månader sedan

    Nobody in the UK on that list though. Personally I’m not that bothered I dont follow my car! Would like it repairing but would probably be expensive if I could find somebody to do it

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