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  • Mick E. Bice kommenterade på inlägget, Didi is no minor player, på webbplatsen SAABSUNITED 5 år, 7 månader sedan

    The center of gravity moving further to China will have Victor Muller and his fanbois (comprising the majority of SaabsUnited’s members, at least those active here in 2011) jumping for joy in unbridled […]

  • Talk is cheap, and NEVS have done an awful lot of talking over the years. And whatever they say in public, common sense dictates that with a plant in China, there’s no longer need for one in Sweden, it’s cheaper […]

  • Well, since NEVS don’t need any manufacturing capacity in Sweden and were going to abandon the plant at some point anyway…

  • Mick E. Bice kommenterade en aktivitet 6 år, 3 månader sedan

    A partial sentence would be to force the perpetrators to rely on Swedish-built NEVS vehicles as their only source of motorized transportation for the next, say, five years. (They’d better learn to appreciate walking on their own two feet, in other words.)

  • Mick E. Bice kommenterade en aktivitet 6 år, 5 månader sedan

    Now all that’s missing is something relevant to Saab to talk about, for a change. (This site is called SaabsUnited after all, not NEVSUnited.)

    • Well, we do try to post as much Saab related stories here as possible. I would love to post news about Saab cars here everyday, but there aren’t really much to report (in contrast to the news related to NEVS).

      That’s also why we try to get you, the readers of SU, to contribute here…[Läs mer]

      • BAIC news might be interesting too as they are producing actual cars based on old Saabs.

        • I’m not really sure about that. BAIC may have licensed some old Saab platforms and hired the former Saab Performance Team, but that’s really it.

          NEVS owns and manages the Stallbacka plant in Trollhättan. Many of their employees are former Saab employees. NEVS are developing new cars with a clear connection to the Saab cars and they’re…[Läs mer]

          • The way I see it though, BAIC licensed some CLASSIC Saab platforms and hired people who were Saab specialists. Those are basically Saabs that have changed to a new name, in China. What I see with NEVS is a drastic departure from most of what I and many others loved about Saab—-the turbos, the exhaust sounds, the character and heritage of the…[Läs mer]

            • BAIC has one carline based on the old Saab 9-5 and the 235/205 engine, that is true. But the resulting cars are missing any kind of character. The interior has nothing to do with a Saab, and on the outside you can see a mix of lines of different western brands. I don’t see BAIC as a SAAB successor, and if the only important SAAB characteristic for…[Läs mer]

              • My point wasn’t that BAIC is a Saab successor in any way, shape or form. Only that at this point in time, they are certainly more connected with Saab than NEVS is. For one thing, they’re producing cars. There’s that at least. And I did post a photo of the interior—-I think awaiting moderation. As I commented on that photo post, when NEVS…[Läs mer]

            • Electrification is a natural progression for Saab. To me, it’s everything Saab has ever stood for. And, yeah, it might’ve taken a little longer, but I’d be very surprised if VM’s Saab wasn’t on that path. If things were different we might be talking about a hybrid or full electric 9-3 successor by now, or that 9-2 city car we’ve always wanted to…[Läs mer]

  • Mick E. Bice kommenterade en aktivitet 6 år, 6 månader sedan

    Of course NEVS (Notoriously Elusive Vaporware Syndicate) will walk away from THN when it’s expedient for them.

    • The question Mick, becomes ”When will that be?” I think it might be a lot sooner than some of the fans realize. NEVS might keep a presence there to check of a box of some sort—-to be able to claim Swedish technology/cooperation in developing their vehicles. Needless to say, I think they are going to get out of there as fast as they possibly…[Läs mer]

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