• Red J skrev ett nytt inlägg, Is V. Antonov the new Ecclestone of WRC?, på webbplatsen SAABSUNITED 8 år, 11 månader sedan

    In an earlier Post I commented that Vladimir Antonov had bought a WRC team.

    Saab’s friend and rally enthusiast Vladimir Antonov said to have cleared North One Sport’s (a WRC team) outstanding debt and is pro […]

    • SUHRT are now working on getting Vladimir Antonovs 99 TURBO Sedan 1980 ready for paint and final preparation. The styling of the exterior is not decided yet but it stands between the black 1979 Swedish Rally, the red 1979 RAC Rally or the 1980 Clarion Black with white and orange design.
      The teams blue (RAL 5005) ä99 TURBO Sedan Replica ”Stig Blomqvist, Publimmo Venere. has been painted and shall now be completed with RP Glasfibre fender extenders.

      Vladimirs involvement in WRC is that SUHRT´s fault 🙂 Guess we gave him a great time last summer in his favorite car brand the most iconic of all Saabs the 99 Turbo CombiCoupe (Wagonback).
      Lets hope that Saab once get back in WRC, that is where Saab belongs. With the new ownership of the company it is high time for a change in pointing out the future direction and what the core values of Saab are.

    • Rally and Racing has never been Knuts cup of tea. He came to Saab when it was a completely different company then it is today. My 2 cents is that the OWNERS like motorsport a lot.
      People around the world associate SAAB with rally and Turbos. Remember that SAAB 99 Turbo was the very first WRC car with a turbo engine to win an international rally.

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