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    CEVT was once created by Geely to developed a C-segment platform for VOLVO and Geely. This platform is now officially called the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), and with the Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) […]

    • Volvo products are a good option for a new generation of would be Oldsmobile buyers who feel the need to spend more and get less than Buick offers.

    • I have the impression that Volvos are more accepted among Saab enthusiasts outside of Sweden. From what I’ve seen, they consider Saab and Volvo to be rather similar, at least the last 10-15 years, as some ”Scandinavian cars”.

      This is, from my experience, not how most Saab enthusiasts in Sweden consider Saab and Volvo.

      I come from a ”Saab family”. Everyone in my family drives Saab. I grew up in the back seat of Saab 96, 99, 900 etc. I have only owned Saab cars my whole life. And I would never, ever, consider buying a Volvo. Regardless if it’s branded ”Saab” or not.

      But I do agree about ”NEVS releasing me from the Saab brand”. It’s not those four actual letters that matters. If a car is developed at Stallbacka, which captures the spirit and quirkiness of Saab, I’ll be sure to consider a NEVS.

      • Being a diehard SAAB fan I never though I’d drive a Volvo. But when I was about to choose a brand new company car (and SAABs are not available), I chose MY2016 Volvo V70 Classic. And actually it’s pretty good! So now I have both SAAB and Volvo 😉

      • Reminds me of the story about the late great Erik Carlsson teaching his daughter to say ”Daddy, I need to do a volvo” when she needed the potty! LOL

        • That sounds like Erik alright. 🙂 I’ve managed to teach my 2 year old to say ”Saab” and my 6 year old is getting a hang of the different models now. She still talks about Erik, having met him a few years back.

    • The scetch of CMA is a copy of VW new architectures – which is smart- but not ingenious.

      I visited TT-ELA homepage and found an interview with the marketing boss in front of the new NEVS sign on headoffice.

      He claimed that NEVS is a better name than SAAB, because they will not develop cars but mobility solutions!!??

      How much of SAAB spirit is it in a ”mobility solution”?

      The SAAB spirit originated from the people within Product Development and was supported by Engineering Management with same spirit. With a top management talking about ”mobility solutions” there is little room for SAAB spirit – even if there should be one or two engineers still retaining it.

      • Tjale, this whole modular scalable platform thing started at Scania in Lindköping during the days where SAAB and Scania were together. Currently SCANIA belongs to the Volkswagen Group, so you can decide who has copied whom.

        I’ve also read the interview with Jonas Hernqvist, and he did not say that they will only develop ”mobility solutions”. I mean what do you think is Daimler doing when they invest money in Ueber, or VW puting money in a Ueber-like company in China, or what is Volvo aiming to do with the ”virtual car key”?

        • Scania is in Södertälje. Scania ”invented” the use of modules – which is not the same as an architecture with e.g, fixed measure between front wheels and pedals.

          A top management which talks about mobility instead of joy of driving, will never support ”SAAB Spirit” kind of cars.

    • Nevs will never make it far as a world wide brand,,, EV cars only, not happening and certainly nothing I would consider.. Its a hoax for long term ownership. Very tiny segment.

      That said if Volvo doesn’t consider the Saab badge Saab will never return. Highly unlikely after the mess Nevs made of the name, that Saab AB would license or any other party will become a licensee with the stigma created.

      Complete and utter shame the brand died the way it did. Nevs tortured it slowly

      • Congratulations, Doug R. That is the most perceptive and beat comment made on this website, perhaps ever.

      • Doug: Now back at a computer and to elaborate briefly, I don’t know for sure that Volvo is the last chance to ever pump life into the Saab name again for cars, but I do know that if they did secure use of the name, they would likely be the BEST chance to breathe any life at all into Saab. NEVS can do whatever they are doing, whatever that might be and provided they aren’t doing anything unethical or illegal, good luck to them I guess. Volvo is already closer to what Saab once was than NEVS will ever be, based on NEVS own rhetoric of what they would like to be—-electric mobility solutions or some such thing. Companies making automobiles with reasonable space efficiency, spirited performance, especially from a turbocharged engine, a satisfying driving experience—-whomever those companies are, be they KIA, Volvo, BMW, Ford, Buick, Volkswagen, Mazda, Subaru—-each and every one of them and each and every model they make is ”closer to Saab” than NEVS currently is, being that NEVS isn’t making cars or selling them. And they are much more likely to be ”closer to Saab” than NEVS will ever be in the future, even if they make the electric mobility solutions they’ve talked about.

        • The sad thing about what has happened is that we are inclined to look for something ”closer to a SAAB” when the time comes to replace our cars. Unfortunately, for some of us this is not very satisfying. It may sound strange, but for those of us who feel that way it is perhaps better to find interesting alternatives that are not much like a SAAB at all as opposed to something ”ike a SAAB. That way we will avoid having the constant reminder that what we are driving are almost-SAABs.

          • That’s actually a great point, 3cyl. It’s sort of like losing a spouse—-then starting to date and looking for ”somebody like my ex” instead of just finding someone to be happy with. I currently have six cars (counting a company vehicle that I don’t own). I don’t think I’ll be in the new car market anytime soon. But when I am, I will look for the things that are important to me in a car and yes, some of those things will be strengths of my Saab. In that regard, I will be looking for a replacement with some of the fundamental goodness of my Saab, but by no means will it mean looking for an imitation of the car—-or ”the closest thing I could find.” I do like some of what KIA has been doing the last half a dozen years—-and I like the driving characteristics of BMW. And I do like Geely/Volvo. Their new wagon looks great to me, though probably more than I care to spend if I buy it new.

          • Four years ago I realised that my 9000 had come – close to – end of life. 9000 was developed for 17 years and 250.000 km – mine had 15 years and 280.000 km.

            I started to look for a vehicle that would be in line with what a SAAB could have been and two years ago I found one that is OK with me.

            It has:
            -petrol inline turbo six
            -8-speed auto with MAN.
            -very good AWD
            -after lowering, handling as good as 9000.

            I still keep my 9000.

    • I never go to the same place on vacation. And there are plenty of different Saab car models to choose from. 😉

    • GM set up Saab to fail knowing full well Spyker didnt have the funds to keep Saab going avoiding the embarassment of killing off Saab itself. I believe we will never see another Saab and I do feel that Volvo are a car maker ’on the up’ with their 90-range receiving great reviews. My next car will again be Swedish, more than likely an XC40 or V40.

    • zippy – not only embarresment – also saved GM a lot of money.

    • No manual transmission is offered by Volvo (at least not in the US). Even Buick offers a manual in some models.

    • 3cyl: The percentage of manual transmissions demanded by buyers in the U.S. is so small, it doesn’t normally make business sense to go through the expense of fitting stick shifts into the cars. There are some cars, like roadsters, that will get a healthy percentage of buyers specking the manual—-but for most pedestrian sedans for example, people don’t want to do the shifting. You live near a city like I do—-you could easily be in traffic jams where it can take 2 hours to go six miles. Nobody wants to be shifting like that, or at least very few people do. I think car companies consider that for their U.S. exports.

      • 3cyl svarade 5 år sedan

        Angelo, Thanks for making clear that Volvos are made to appeal to the more pedestrian end of the automotive market.

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