• Sensonic kommenterade en aktivitet 4 år, 9 månader sedan

    I put my trust in NEVS. There’s not gonna be any new SAAB cars anymore but I sincerely hope NEVS is gonna continue the legacy of SAAB. If they’d be able to come up with wonderful products, the brand name is not so important. Just look at Datsun/Nissan when they changed their name. No love lost and the business continued. And Nissan revisited the…[Läs mer]

    • To me, the legacy of Saab began as a unique, affordable, innovative car. In the U.S.A. at least—-front wheel drive was uncommon, and those early Saabs, one of the least expensive cars on the road—had FWD and were cleverly packaged. Saab eventually morphed into more of an upmarket marque, but continued the innovation by making almost all of…[Läs mer]

  • Sensonic kommenterade en aktivitet 5 år sedan

    Brilliant! Any specs? Couple of years ago I wondered what ever happened to SQR Racing but now I know 🙂

  • Sensonic kommenterade en aktivitet 5 år, 3 månader sedan

    Being a diehard SAAB fan I never though I’d drive a Volvo. But when I was about to choose a brand new company car (and SAABs are not available), I chose MY2016 Volvo V70 Classic. And actually it’s pretty good! So now I have both SAAB and Volvo 😉

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