• Jonathan skrev ett nytt inlägg, Welcome to SaabsUnited.com at Saabklubben, på webbplatsen SAABSUNITED 3 år, 7 månader sedan

    If you are reading this, then you are visiting SaabsUnited.com in the server environment of Svenska Saabklubben. The whole website, with 5 728 posts, 10 702 users and 66 600 comments have now been moved. If you […]

    • Seems to work fine. My phone had some issues to log on at first. The page did not reload after login in.

    • There seems to be some issues with saabsunited.com and saabsunited.saabklubben.se

      • saabsunited.saabklubben.se is an alternative address to saabsunited.com. It’s however primarily used on the back end (for wp-admin and such). What kind of issues are you experiencing?

        • I’m logged-in at saabsunited.com, and when trying to go to the back end I had to log in once again as the domain changes. I didn’t know this was meant to be so, I thought it was just a DNS problem

          • Oh, ok. I didn’t realize you had to log in again. Once the DNS has changed properly for saabsunited.com I’ll see if we can replace saabsunited.saabklubben.se completely.

    • Maybe just me. Couldn’t log in with my old SU password so I tried the ”Lost password” link to reset my password. It seems I ended up changing my saabklubben password and ended up logged in at saabklubben.se. However, I can now also log in to saabsunited using that new password. But all is good, works now. 🙂

      • Thanks for the info! Yes, SaabsUnited has been imported into the same WordPress network (and user database) as Saabklubben. All passwords are encrypted in the database (so we can’t read them), but they shouldn’t have been changed due to this import. Good however that managed to change the password.

    • There are more than two sites on this server. We also host the website for the International Saab Meeting 2016 as well as websites for the local sections of Saabklubben.

    • There are no other thoughts on the picture above other than that it is a nice picture, with a mix of both old and new Saabs. Saabs of all models are welcome here.

    • Their websites are in Swedish, yes. But they do contain quite a lot of nice Saab pictures. Here’s an index of our local sections, with links to their websites: http://saabklubben.se/medlem/lokalsektioner/

    • Test comment by webmaster

    • Well done Jonathan and the team at Saabklubben. The SU site seems nice and quick hsted from it’s new home.

    • I see forward to the future. Very good work, Jonathan 🙂

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