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    There have been a lot of news articles and stories following the announcement that NEVS will use its own brand instead of Saab for their future electric cars (starting with NEVS 9-3 in 2017).

    The motor […]

    • On the contrary, I think Muller’s 9-5 was the most beautiful Saab ever built and I know it is what he had to work with at the time. It was overpriced though. It was simply bad timing that crippled Vic’s efforts. I do think he had and probably still has supercar fever though. I had the sense back then that his mission was to build Saabs that he would love to drive and own, performance driven vehicles for his Spyker circle, not affordable mass market Saabs that I think we’re the key to reposition the brand. I am sure he had visions of competing with BMW, not VW.

      • Now here is a comment I can agree with 100%. The Saab community was trying to warn VM when the signs were becoming clear during the summer and fall of 2010. The damage had unfortunately already been done as no marketing efforts could move those new 9-5 2.8 Aero’s filled with GM plastic sitting in the U.S.
        At the time when most customers were waiting for at least a more practical variant of the big Saab or a MY11b 9-3 with refined interiors and engines.

        Angelo, you don’t even want to know how much money they spent on ads back then. It was insane and a huge gamble that backfire as a liquidity crisis the following year when no new financing was anywhere to be found.

    • And ”we” weren’t enough to keep them solvent.

    • Yes, Monique, you are right on. If Saab AB had any confidence at all that the name wouldn’t be further harmed, NEVS would still have ”SAAB” as their brand. This drivel that NEVS didn’t WANT the name, they from the beginning, they wanted to be NEVS….well, I won’t comment further on that in this post. I don’t want to offend people with harsh language.

      • I’m sorry to say this, but you’re both wrong. Confidence from Saab AB has nothing to do it. NEVS has already told us why they won’t be using Saab anymore. Read Red’s editorial ”A movement in motion” again if you’ve missed it. Really, that’s it.

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