• Jonathan skrev ett nytt inlägg, Saab sign saved, på webbplatsen SAABSUNITED 3 år, 2 månader sedan

    The single most photographed sign in Trollhättan, the Saab sign by the north gate of the Stallbacka plant, is going to be donated by Nevs to the Saab Car Museum. This since Nevs are mounting their own new sign in […]

    • A noble gift which will safeguard this symbol for the future in the Saab Museum.

    • I think this is kind of sad—sort of the final nail in the Saab coffin, as it were. My old Saab (1991) is so old that after a lady backed into it in the parking garage, no repair facilities can source parts for it, at least not from places that will stand behind the work. So I am going to have to chase down the parts myself and do the work myself. That is where things are at.

      • Don’t give up, Paul, I haven’t. I own many Saabs, three are daily drivers for my wife and I. Parts aren’t hard to come by yet, but I take great pride in our Saabs. I live in Florida and I don’t see a single 9-3 hatchback besides mine, in a way it makes me proud to own such a fine vehicle but in another way sad to think I’m the only one who cares to keep their 9-3 alive. I drive in rush hour traffic every morning and I suppose I wouldn’t have it any other way, a standard transmission Saab staying in the thick of it when everyone else has bailed and owns a Kia or a Chevy. As long as we continue to fix and drive our Saabs people will remember the steadfastness of the fans and how good those cars were.

        • I know, I have kept the faith over 340,000 miles on my old Saab. But as the time marches on, there are going to be fewer and fewer acceptable choices. The repair shop could not even source a replacement headlight assembly for my car. I can get it on-line, but that is the sort of thing that will be more nails in the coffin eventually. Only true diehards will want a car that realistically can’t be repaired in an accident by a normal body shop. Most people won’t even consider that, and that is why you don’t see other 9-3s in your area, let alone older 900s.

        • Amen Jesse. I bought my 9-5 2.3T sedan new and it is now ten years old. I was getting in it the other day and had feelings similar to what you express. namely how much I still look forward to driving this car (also manual transmission). And the car still receives compliments from strangers despite being an old design. It seems that there are many people out there who admired SAABs, but never made the jump to buy something a bit out of the mainstream. Some express regret at never owning a SAAB. This is their loss of course, but our loss as well because those extra sales may have allowed a different result for SAAB.

          We also have a newer SAAB sedan (9-3 2.0T XWD MT), so I figure I have a few more years of enjoying a SAAB as a daily driver before the Northeast road salt takes its toll (you are fortunate to be in Florida on that front). SAABs are still noticeable here, but if I pass you on a trip south I’ll be sure to wave as that was a tradition among SAAB owners in the early days in the Northeast when a SAAB was an unusual sight.

      • I have all my Saab cars still well looked after by my former dealer.
        So even my Saab 900 from 1987 is maintained without any issue. Only the Saab 96 from 1960 is not accepted anymore but for that beauty I am member of the Saab Club. Till now; cross my fingers but never had any issue in getting spare parts.

    • Let us say goodbye to the last vestiges of a once great car company. Although most of us said goodbye in 2011.

    • Time to break out the bugle and play Taps.

    • Glad it will be saved, but sorry I never got to THN whilst Saab was alive. I have my eye on the Saab sign at our (sadly now closed) local dealer in Grimsby, UK… …but I don’t really have anywhere to put it!
      My ’06 9-3 sportwagen is stuttering a bit at just short of 300,000 km 🙁

    • Let’s hope the sign gets a proper place outside of the Saab Car Museum. This will surely be appreciated by the visitors of the Saab Car Museum festival, which is held in Trollhättan next summer.

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