• There is nothing a mother-in-law loves doing more than taunting their son/daughter-in-law. It seems that yours will even endure torture 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing the new place!

  • Swade kommenterade en aktivitet 5 år sedan

    The cars here in Oz had 16-inch three spokes. This is one in stock condition, owned by an SU commenter from Adelaide (Mark C). I don’t know what happened to those wheels from the car I bought, but those 9-5 wheels looked terrible (they were in poor condition, not just unsuited to the car).

  • Wow. After six years, it’s time for me to sign off from Saabs United.

    My thanks to everyone for your kind thoughts, comments and emails since the announcement was made that I’d be leaving SU (thanks to RedJ […]

    • Best of luck at Your new job.
      This was not that unexpected really. Guess quite a few people knew this was coming.

      Great with some healthy competition here, who will have the best coverage of the Saab world in the future the company or the ”New” SaabsUnited?

      Corporate coverage and independent coverage are essentially different animals, Jörgen. My aim will be to promote a healthy community here at SU and all the other Saab sites as well. More healthy communities is better for everyone. But we’ll aim to have a cracker of a web presence on the official site as well – SW

  • It’s a long distance relationship that we hinted at a few days ago thanks to a tip from SUHRT’s Jorgen Trued – now confirmed.

    CPP has bought Bowler.

    I’m not sure if I’ve got all this correct as I’m writing […]

    • Swade,
      You have a great memory… all in all correct. I have a good friend who was in the bidding process for Bowler, so I had some early knowledge. Just hope that the new owner has a business plan at par with my friends. Why not put the 9-4x on a Bowler dakar proven chassis and enter SAAB into one of the most spectacular events. Or the Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. Saab has made it there before with privateer Per Eklund.

    • Toby,
      Check out this http://www.converssport.com You get the picture…..
      It is no way by chance, it well thought through.
      So promising for Saab in the long run.

  • Swade skrev ett nytt inlägg, Thursday Snippets, på webbplatsen SAABSUNITED 10 år, 4 månader sedan

    It’s with a tinge of sadness and no small amount of fanfare that I have to acknowledge the conclusion to Etienne’s work over at Saablog-in.

    Etienne started his blog around the same time that I started […]

  • As a Saab blogger, I have a regular daily routine that sees me scouring email, comments and a large number of RSS feeds on a daily basis.

    Reading comments first thing in the morning lets me know what’s […]

    • I am happy that TV8 did such a nice piece on Vladimir and me. Vladimir is just like what we see in the show. An easy-going down to earth kinda guy. The two guys who runs the show says in swedish afterwards that Vladimir is a ”Saab fanatic”, I say good this is what Saab needs.
      Even my hardest critique ”mrs. Trued” gave me two thumbs UP that was a big relief…
      She had some lonely weeks before the rally last summer.

  • I’d like to take this opportunity to pass along a belated, but very happy 82nd birthday wish to Mr Saab, Erik Carlsson.

    His birthday was last Saturday, March 5th.

    50 years ago, Erik nearly took a placing […]

    • The Monte Carlo movie from 1965. So sweet!
      9 min 10 sec into the movie the SAAB 96 winners are seen Pat Moss-Carlsson and co-driver Elizabeth Nyström (from Trollhättan) gets their 1st prize in the Womens category.

  • I takes me a little while to get used to new things. I bought Radiohead’s new album The King of Limbs when it came out a few weeks ago and I still don’t like it much. I had the same reaction to In Rainbows, […]

    • Remember a conversation I had with late Saab head engineer Gunnar Ljungström. He was driving the Ursaab and I asked him when coming out of the car what he felt driving the old machine.
      Gunnar was very disappointed almost angry to the point that he said the design was a total disaster.
      ”- It was Sixtens Sasons fault he had got the idea that the car should be teardrop designed (crosssection of a aircraft wing), I tried to convince him that it should have a rear end according to the german aerodynamist Kamm. Just look at the Honda Aerodeck (mid 1980ies), that was my design proposal. That design gives an optimal wake and lets the wind come off the body of the car in the best way.”
      Now we are back to Kamm aerodynamics on the PhoeniX. But please do not mix it up with the teardrop. Saab has never looked back… besides the SUHRT where we only look back and the clock has stopped at 1981:-) But that is a different story….. It is called heritage and roots.

  • Swade skrev ett nytt inlägg, Video: Saab IQon system, på webbplatsen SAABSUNITED 10 år, 4 månader sedan

    Christopher McKinnon was kind enough to give me a walk-through of the Saab IQon system today at the Geneva Motor Show.

    There’s no working system in a car here in Geneva (there are some being tested in […]

    • Interesting that Saab gets this ”new” technology. I worked with GPS / TMC based systems 15 years ago with ovloV and Swedish DOT. Funny to hear some of the ideas in the YouTube clip with Chris, I presented that stuff last millenium to McDonalds, Statoil etc. and risk-capitalist here in Sweden, but we where out there way before the market had matured. We built prototypes with map software with information ”live” on a color screen in the vehicles.

  • OK. This will be a constantly updated post as new things come to hand.

    Keep hitting refresh.


    More news about the Phoenix.

    An App has appeared called Saab PhoeniX Concept Car.

    The developer […]

    • Application ROCKS!
      Just bring on more of the aerospace heritage. We love it. Wings and active aerodynamics etc.
      I am so happy Saab had the guts to bring on Jason C on the ship ad steer it into a truly dynamic future. Just hope that sales will allow the more dramatic design elements.
      Hope Saab dares to be a unique boutique brand, like nobody else.
      Saab design now once again slices through the air!

    • Any given day I would agree 100% with You. Green is better. BUT now Saab is on a track to revitalize the brand and red is emotions and passion. So why not GO 4 it!
      Bring on more colors both in the interior and exterior. Warm red glow is not that bad.

    • Saab media site NOW!
      Pictures etc!

  • If you’ve got the single turbo 160hp version of the new Saab 9-5 diesel, then Hirsch have just released the upgrade to bring some extra boost into your life.

    180HP Performance upgrade for the Saab 9-5 2.0 TiD […]

    • Guess it is 50% off this weekend in the UK. Why not the whole world?

      Seams like the ”celebrations” at least not in Sweden has been poorly organized. Some dealers have nothing going on. Guess many dealers now are selling other brands besides SAAB. Could they have lost focus??? It is understandable since they like to sell cars and make their living as well. Going into a dealership selling white and grey Saab cars and in another part of the same building selling passionate Alfa Romeos in bright red. Just wished Saab would have chosen the Alfa Romeo saying ”Without a heart we are just machines”.
      Selling unique/niche/boutique cars the brand must go to the heart and emotions must be evoked.
      It is time to revitalize the core of Saab, with Jason C at design, Vladimirs interest in sports and rally&racing, a SAAB&Spyker outfit in Coventry the heartland of racing and competition. Vladimir owning the rights for WRC to 2020. What can possibly go wrong? Nothing.

  • There are a couple of Auto Shows starting this weekend and Saab will be at both of them in different capacities.

    The Cleveland Auto Show runs from Feb 26 through to March 6 and Saab have set up a pretty good […]

    • Lets hope Gilberts son gets the chance to sit in the 9-4x…….
      Remember a car show in Stockholm when ovloV launched the V70R odd light blue/green with tan leather interior. People where NOT allowed to sit in the car. A friend of mine who had fought to buy a Hirsch 305 bhp 9-5* and failed, told the ovloV people that he WAS buying this car, they opened, 5 weeks later he was sn ovloV guy!
      * the launch was terrible, nothing worked. Quite different nowadays!

  • Swade skrev ett nytt inlägg, Saab show the 9-6x, på webbplatsen SAABSUNITED 10 år, 5 månader sedan

    Back in the dark old days, when GM were looking to build new Saab models on the cheap, they were thinking of building a Saab model based on the Subaru Tribeca and calling it the Saab 9-6x.

    My old Saab website, […]

    • Great speech from VM. ”-What is better than a 99 Turbo!” It will be really exciting to see the prototype model next week. Sounds like the car will have a lot of ”old” 99 Turbo CombiCoupe genetics. That would be just perfect.

  • Outstanding.

    Thanks to Pat H in comments.



    Spyker Cars N.V.– the EURONEXT-listed holding company which operates the Spyker and Saab A […]

    • Recent days makes up for an interesting puzzle.
      – VA steps into the tv channel who own WRC. Discussons worldwide on a possible Saab return to WRC.
      – VA comes into the warmth of Saab, new Young ideas etc. tech performance, heritage.
      – Spyker has moved to UK right in epicentrum of Rally&Racing world.
      – JC gets to design a ”supercar”, a Sonett /aerox beeing built in Spykers facilities in the UK???

      This can only be very good for Saab.

  • Swade skrev ett nytt inlägg, Per Eklund demostrates ESP, på webbplatsen SAABSUNITED 10 år, 5 månader sedan

    Per Eklund knows what you’re thinking. He has ESP.

    And in this video he’ll show you how it works. This was shot by the good people over at Autowereld whilst they were partaking of the Saab Arctic […]

    • Have driven every engine alternative of the 9-5 series. On thing that need to be changed from a safety and human factors perspective is the ESP on off button in the center of the drive sense switch. When fiddeling with the settings It is easy to disengage the ESP. Should be ”harder” to turn off!

  • It’s just a few hours away from being February 23 here in Australia, but over in Trollhattan they’ve still got a bit of time to get their Independence Day celebrations ready.

    Saabs United has a man on the […]

    • I was phoned by a assistant editor at AMS asking me if I knew what was going on in Trollhättan. Information has been somewhat unclear. STCS says it is is an evening event at the Museum with a show of the 9-5 SC and cheap books…..
      Who are invited? Just VIPs and employees or any fan around the globe?

  • From the Trollhattan blog….

    We do this event every year at Saab and it gives us a chance to share our Scandinavian roots. The Arctic Adventure is like entering another world and although it is fun, it is also […]

  • I’ve been busy finishing off a presentation I have to give to Saab dealers here in Australia on Wednesday at a function to celebrate Saab’s independence. That’s why there’s been no fresh articles from me […]

    • Håkan Matson @ Di.se questions the Saab Slogan ” move your mind” created by Knut Simonsson.
      Håkan argues for the best through times according to him ”find your own roads”.
      His new one is ”Independent life”.
      Should we start a competition here on SU finding a new better and modern one?

    • Someone in Trollhättan be sure to bring a good camera to the Independence day celebrations this Wednesday at the Museum.
      Saab will show the 9-5 SC according to STCS homepage. Then SU can beat Saab in publishing pictures from EVERY angles!

  • EduSaab has been keeping an eye on trademark developments and has noted two new Saab trademarks being registered in the last six months or so.


    Apparatus for regulating and controlling electric […]

    • I bet Saab drivers and Apple users are the same demographic group. Independent people, with interest in technology, design and style.
      The natural choice, Saab on different markets hand out iPads to people signing up for or buying Saabs. Downloadable stuff for iPhone and iPad.
      – –
      Just hope Saab finally will move the screen up from the floor. My professional advice is taking it up 15-20 cm.

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