• Spotted in the public domain.

    Now that is one good looking convertible.

    If you’ve been keeping pace, you’ll know that the Saab 9-3 Independence Edition will be a limited edition, with just 366 cars world […]

    • Saab Holland Edition.
      – orange red paint
      – Spyker like airintakes look surrounding the foglights.

      Time to upgrade my convertible to the new looks? http://www.garaget.org/trued

    • Kalle,
      SC or sedan? Sidestreet of Vanadisvägen I guess. I keep the bulk of my Saab cars in the SUHRT garage in Sundbyberg/citysuburb of Stockholm. Right now my Turbo X is sitting out in the extremely cold weather here in Stockholm.

  • Could it be that there will be different tailgates for different markets?

    Saab’s officially released image…..

    Spyshot, from Trollhattan, beginning of February…..

    Spyshot, from […]

    • Saab, stop speculation and go public with pictures from every angle of the car. If pre-production cars are on the streets of Trollhättan do not wait.

  • I got this question in from a friend in Sweden yesterday and it’s one that I can’t answer. I sent it on to another 9-5 owner and he can’t answer it either. Both have read their navigation manuals thoroughly but […]

    • Jr.
      You are so right. Guess Saab has not had the resources to make their own GUI.
      I would be more than interested to design the future screens. If http://www.foi.se can make it right in the Saab 39 Gripen Cockpit sure we can make it in a road going Saab…..

  • Here’s one for the hi-po buffs.

    Maptun have broken the 400hp barrier on a T8 tuned Saab 9-3 2.0T. The car is actually a 2005 Saab 9-3 but it’s been updated with 2010 panels and lights for the front and […]

    • Great job, but it should stay on tracks.
      Supertuned cars are could face issues passing the annual mandatory checks. And in case of an accident I am confident that that if the power printed on the cars ID paper differs 100% from actual power the driver could be in a situation that is unfavourable for the owner.
      With Hirsch ”modest” tuning You get new paperwork from the government. So the car is 100% legal.

  • Earlier today I had a minor meltdown, showing an image of Saab’s Geneva cars all covered up and playing a guessing game as to what they might be.

    I could have avoided all that by actually reading the text on […]

    • Completion of the design study car is in the finishing process at a contractor in Italy.
      The guys are working hard and wish them all the luck getting it ready on time.
      Saab has used italian companies for the completion of show cars before, the 9X was such a car.

  • UPDATE: Now with video!

    If these cars are out on the streets, they will be seen. If they can be seen, they can be photographed.

    Below we have what appears to be a Saab 9-3 Griffin. The Griffin is part of […]

  • You know that I’ve already seen pictures of the Saab 9-3 replacement.

    If you saw that entry, then you got to read my initial positivity to what I saw, even if I couldn’t talk about it much except to say that […]

    • I am 45 now sow I will be to old when it reaches the market………
      Guess I have to settle with a 9-5 AERO TTiD a comfy ride for ”OLD” people apparently!
      Don´t we all just love combicoupes. Maybe even the guys at Saab who took the disastrous decision some 10 years ago to kill the combicoupe.
      So the Young people can expect a almost 2 meter flat combi area. Good for camping and other activites (remember the Nash Airflyte in the 50ies, never let a daughter out on a date in one of those) With a double moonroof it could serve well as a stargazermobile. The possibilities are limitless.

  • A mate of mine in Sydney has posed an interesting question…..

    As my brand new 93 2008 Bio-Power reaches 37,500 km service I wonder how many running hours the engine has actually done.

    Driving in traffic in […]

    • Great job Gerry Small Saab Portland, That is the true oregonian spirit. Pulling off the show just by themselves is a big effort. Hope to see even more Saabs on the roads next time I visit Portland and my gearheaded friends at ODOT and Atomic Auto (Saab specialist and SUHRT supporter in Portland)
      First time on PDX autoshow for me was back in 1982 I was so proud to let my host family see Saabs from Sweden. Biggest memory was the Olds Hurst with the lightning rods….
      Also first carshow for me with beautiful women showing the cars, unheard of in Sweden at that time…..

  • It was almost six years ago to the day that I first started writing a blog called Trollhattan Saab. That site had 5,431 entries. Saabs United was started in February 2009 and has 3,718 entries, but a few of […]

    • Swade, it has been a great having your site as the name of my Historic Rally Team. Thank you!
      The team is stronger than ever with four 99 Turbos and two normally aspirated 99’s.
      We will carry on and we hope of course for outcome #1 or #2.
      Thanks again for the time, effort and sweat you have given the international Saab community. Making the world of Saab people BIGGER.
      Treat yourself and your family with that 9-3 yellow Viggen convertible, saw one with righthand side steering in Austria. http://www.mobile.de

  • With thanks to Kevin, who isn’t an avid reader of Glamour Magazine, but whose wife is….

    It’s an interesting ad as there isn’t any branding included. It looks like editorial, just another page in what […]

  • I can’t cast any judgement on the following story. I’ve owned and sold one of my own favourite Saab 900s in recent years. And I know that everyone has a time, no matter who they are, when priorities will be […]

  • Swade skrev ett nytt inlägg, Saab 9-5 SC spyshots, på webbplatsen SAABSUNITED 9 år, 6 månader sedan

    Here it is. The first Saab 9-5 SportCombi spotted in the wild.

    The car was seen earlier today, out in the open, in Trollhattan. This car will make its public debut at the Geneva Auto Show on March […]

    • I take the sedan over the SC, the styling feels more solid. Build a jet black on the ”Build Your Saab” page, with 19 inch Turbofan wheels look at it from the side. Killler looks.

    • Saab should put out more pictures of the car NOW. Instead of having people guessing the looks from their own odd angle 1 picture shot, or to two low quality phone-picture.

  • e-AAM is the new venture that will supply the rear electric drive units that will go into the Saab 9-3 replacement vehicle late in 2012. The company is owned one-third by Saab and two-thirds by American Axle and […]

    • Great movies, interesting to follow how well this technology matches the Haldex XWD. Would be nice to see the two systems head on head.

      Trustworthy sources whispers about what we have talked about for some time, major revamp of the infotainment/communication systems.
      Maybe shown in Geneva…..
      – Sharp “dual screen”. Driver gets a view and the passenger gets another view from the same screen. So the passenger can watch a movie while the driver does the driving?
      – WIFI network within the car?
      – Short-range wideband communications system allowing to communicate with other Saabs?
      – Eye-tracking device for detecting drowsiness?

      Wishful thinking:
      Full Apple integration?
      – Reconfigurable instrumentation, new level of personalization. Big screen where the driver decides on what information to be shown.

  • Swade skrev ett nytt inlägg, US Saab 9-5 TV spot, på webbplatsen SAABSUNITED 9 år, 6 månader sedan

    Posted in comments by Oddjob. Good spotting!


    • I am not believing my eyes! This is so good, so good. This made may day after having worked on three 99 Turbo engines in the SUHRT garage.

      Film contents: Featuring
      J 21 Fighter aircraft
      92 Prototype
      96 2 stroker Sedan
      96 Rally V4´s a few of them
      96 Rally car Safari rally Erik Carlsson
      9000 in windtunnel (with the smoke-stick developed by a guy at my work, Göran Lorinder)
      99 Turbo Sedan Rally
      99 Turbo CombiCoupe (Frankfurt car show 1976, crashed by a polish journo and later rebuilt)
      SK 60 SAAB jet trainer
      Prototype next gen. Convertible
      Saab Formula Junior
      Sonett 1

      Quite a cast! THANK YOU SAAB!

  • Greetings all. It’s good to be back.

    This is our 9000. And if I can read maps correctly (not guaranteed, but I think I did Ok on this occasion) then it’s parked about as far south as you can travel on a public […]

    • The WSJ Saab ad:
      – this is the worst ad campaign I have seen from SAAB. This german thing who in the world come up with that? Ad agency or someone at SAAB, I bet someone at SAAB did second it. How utterly stupid this is knowing that the 9-5 more or less is a german product put together in Sweden. Also that SAAB are bragging about the buying of Bavarian engines in the future. Dare to run Your own show and do not look so much at the competitors.

      Fröbergs article:
      Interesting to read the book he published some time ago on SAAB was good to read and not at all pessimistic. He writes what he sees. What he has encountered in Trollhättan. What I am interested in is who is Rob Schuijt the guy who is supposedly turning around the company and doing work with the business plan. What is his background? Where is he coming from. If they can put in new people everywhere what about taking a chance exchanging the leadership on the global marketing department. That area has not excelled., If things are to change at SAAB old GM schooled people might not fit within the new company. It´s a well known fact that the marketing at SAAB has been really reluctant to, and has even stopped some very fine motor-sport projects in recent years. Knowing that both Victor and Vladimir are great supporters of both racing and rally, there might be an internal conflict. SAAB needs to plan NOW for a restart in motor-sport with the next 9-3. The tame people hauler should be presented parallel with the STCC / WTCC racer. That would be a truly flying start. I will meet Vladimir later this week and discuss not only the future of SUHRT but other fun ideas as well…..

    • lala,
      I do not know You. But I have had tons of fun running the SUHRT team. Working with positive people. Our videos at YouTube says it all /trued1 We have the right to have an open debate on issues around our beloved brand. Tough questions needs to be up in the air. lala please join the talk here at US. Can not remember having seen any of your writings. SUHRT has never asked SAAB for support many of our supporters have come to us.
      I stand up for what I say even with my own name. Something I think everybody should do!

    • lala,
      Thanks for You answer. Having lived my whole life in and around Saabs and born in Trollhättan. I communicate on regular basis with people in SAAB and ex-SAAB managers and ex-SAAB professional rally drivers. There are some doubts on in what direction SAAB is heading. SAAB has always been innovative and managed to show the world technologies that later has been adopted by virtually the whole autoindustry. SAAB needs to get back to that after the not so innovative years with GM.
      I tell my friends, the few that does not drive SAAB to consider the 9-3 or 9-5. They all love the way my Hirsch TurboX drives etc. But they rather wait for the next model, since SAAB management are so preoccupied on taking about that car instead of the current ”buyable” range of fine automobiles.
      When You really care about something in this case SAAB and the people and city of Trollhättan, I guess one have to flip every stone around and see what is good, bad, changeable etc. It boils down to recreating trust in the brand and find the SAAB Spirit again.
      Bring on the quirkiness, clever technology, aircraft heritage etc. the last is a bridge between two aircraft companies SAAB and Spyker.

    • I am not believing my eyes! This is so good, so good. This made may day after having worked on three 99 Turbo engines in the SUHRT garage.

      Film contents: Featuring
      J 21 Fighter aircraft
      92 Prototype
      96 2 stroker Sedan
      96 Rally V4´s a few of them
      9000 in windtunnel (with the smoke-stick developed by a guy at my work, Göran Lorinder)
      99 Turbo Sedan Rally
      99 Turbo CombiCoupe (Frankfurt car show 1976, crashed by a polish journo and later rebuilt)
      SK 60 SAAB jet trainer
      Saab Formula Junior
      Sonett 1

      Quite a cast! THANK YOU SAAB!
      Prototype next gen. Convertible

    • Make a long version of the ad, Just more to love. Bet people would like to see a little more than 1 second clips. Use YouTube it is a free channel.
      Keep up the good work. This ad is already international through the usage of internet, perfect.

    • A great idea, but I think the best way would be to find good used old cars and have them restored just like we do in SUHRT.

  • Swade skrev ett nytt inlägg, The SU Hi-Po Challenge, på webbplatsen SAABSUNITED 9 år, 6 månader sedan

    I’m away for a couple of days, but this ought to give you something to chew on…..


    Consider this the oiling of squeaky wheels as far as SU is concerned.

    There are a number of people who frequent […]

    • First things first.
      Before even talking about performance, the marketing of the brand needs to get a focus on, and not excluding performance. Building this needs to include the rally & racing halo history. Make a performance car parallel with the real competition car. SUHRT are talking to investors and engineers on some interesting new thinking. Sorry, can not reveal more on that here now.
      All of Saabs market competitors are into competition and performance departments, Hirsch is not really in that division yet

      When making performance / halo cars. Here are some musts: If a limited series do not make more than the limited ones. Ferrari did too many F40´s once upon a time.
      SAAB TurboX never became unique, the special parts can now be added to any 9-3 in TX version.
      As a customer of a TurboX this has not pleased me at at, i am quite upset to be honest. That is not an honest way to treat the most loyal customers. I would be more than reluctant to buy a SAAB Halo model again. You only cheat me once…
      I had to add the Hirsch parts and their tuning that should have had com standard on the TurboX. The Hirsch exhaust system was not ready when I bought the car so I had to go to Swedish Ferrita , not bad but not the ”factory” real thing.
      Timing is crucial, the factory options needs to be there when a performance car is launched. So it is a must that future models are launched as Aero or whatever halo models will be called on the SAME day as the budget models. Do not wait with the aggressive looks and performance. Bring it out from the first day.

    • …. just look at to what countries Audi take their customers to for training experiences. Follow the thread above. Interesting…….

    • S2AB already works with Lotus. Vladimirs bank Snoras sponsors the Lotus Renault F1 team.
      There are some Trollhättan and Russian perspectives.

    • Great news, Saabs should be on the edge….
      Could it be a Sharp ”dual screen”. Driver gets a view and the passenger gets another view from the same screen. So the passenger can watch a movie while the driver does the driving?
      Could it be a WIFI network within the car?
      Could it be a short-range wideband communications system allowing to communicate with other Saabs?
      Could it be a GPS/3G system allowing Saabers to see and communicate, temperature, roadconditions etc?
      Could it be aneye-tracking device for detecting drowsiness?
      Could it be full Apple integration? Lets hope that SAAB has dropped the old collaboration with SonyEricsson nothing happened there.
      Could it be reconfigurable instrumentation, new level of personalization. Big screen where the driver decides on what information to be shown.

  • We showed some Saabs leaving Stockholm for the Monte Carlo Historic Rally yesterday, and the Erik Carlsson replica will be leaving from Riems, in France (more on that car shortly).

    Today, some photos from […]

    • Can just get better and better for every day. If you wonder where SUHRT are. Rallye Monte Carlo has some odd rules ONLY cars/models that have competed historically are allowed to start. Saab never drove the 99 Turbo in monte! So we are thinking about talking the olive green 96 MonteCarlo V4 and a 99 EMS to Monte Carlo next year.
      Right now it is full speed on making the 2 99 Turbo Sedans.

  • Following on from the two Saab ads that debuted yesterday, another of Saab’s new Wall Street Journal ads has been posted on Saab’s Facebook page.


    The text reads as follows:

    Go ahead. Tell us […]

    • Finally!
      Corporate storytelling! fantastic!
      Telling the tales of the company.
      Good we are back on aircraft and rally racing again
      This can only mean that Saab management has decided to live through the core values of Saab.
      We at witnesing a paradigm shift!

    • Next ad should be like this. I give this on to Saab for free!

      Car & Driver has given their 10 best design awards.
      They like our 9-5 fighter aircraft altimeter style speedometer as well as our sister company Spykers gearshift mechanism.
      Come to our dealers and find out more aerospace and rally/racing features on our whole range of brand new Saabs.
      We used to say it was the most intelligent car built. See for yourself.
      No pressure- or racing suits needed for your test mission.
      We supply a different experience.


    I’ve checked with Peter at the Saab Museum and can pass on to you all that there will not be a Saab Festival in 2011.

    It seems someone on the Facebook team might have jumped the gun a little, which is […]

    • 13-17th of July in Västerås 1 hours drive west of Stockholm is this years Rally to the Midnight Sun. Parallell to this is Swedish Sportscar Federation SBF/FIA 75th anniversary.
      Organizers will invite carclubs and owners of unique cars to join in for a great car week.
      Why not try to get the Swedish car clubs to join in.

  • It’s January 26, the first anniversary of Spyker signing the agreement to buy Saab from GM.

    SVD.se are celebrating the anniversary by having a punt. They’re betting the anniversary brings about some news about […]

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