• Swade skrev ett nytt inlägg, The SU Hi-Po Challenge, på webbplatsen SAABSUNITED 9 år, 8 månader sedan

    I’m away for a couple of days, but this ought to give you something to chew on…..


    Consider this the oiling of squeaky wheels as far as SU is concerned.

    There are a number of people who frequent […]

    • First things first.
      Before even talking about performance, the marketing of the brand needs to get a focus on, and not excluding performance. Building this needs to include the rally & racing halo history. Make a performance car parallel with the real competition car. SUHRT are talking to investors and engineers on some interesting new thinking. Sorry, can not reveal more on that here now.
      All of Saabs market competitors are into competition and performance departments, Hirsch is not really in that division yet

      When making performance / halo cars. Here are some musts: If a limited series do not make more than the limited ones. Ferrari did too many F40´s once upon a time.
      SAAB TurboX never became unique, the special parts can now be added to any 9-3 in TX version.
      As a customer of a TurboX this has not pleased me at at, i am quite upset to be honest. That is not an honest way to treat the most loyal customers. I would be more than reluctant to buy a SAAB Halo model again. You only cheat me once…
      I had to add the Hirsch parts and their tuning that should have had com standard on the TurboX. The Hirsch exhaust system was not ready when I bought the car so I had to go to Swedish Ferrita , not bad but not the ”factory” real thing.
      Timing is crucial, the factory options needs to be there when a performance car is launched. So it is a must that future models are launched as Aero or whatever halo models will be called on the SAME day as the budget models. Do not wait with the aggressive looks and performance. Bring it out from the first day.

    • …. just look at to what countries Audi take their customers to for training experiences. Follow the thread above. Interesting…….

    • S2AB already works with Lotus. Vladimirs bank Snoras sponsors the Lotus Renault F1 team.
      There are some Trollhättan and Russian perspectives.

    • Great news, Saabs should be on the edge….
      Could it be a Sharp ”dual screen”. Driver gets a view and the passenger gets another view from the same screen. So the passenger can watch a movie while the driver does the driving?
      Could it be a WIFI network within the car?
      Could it be a short-range wideband communications system allowing to communicate with other Saabs?
      Could it be a GPS/3G system allowing Saabers to see and communicate, temperature, roadconditions etc?
      Could it be aneye-tracking device for detecting drowsiness?
      Could it be full Apple integration? Lets hope that SAAB has dropped the old collaboration with SonyEricsson nothing happened there.
      Could it be reconfigurable instrumentation, new level of personalization. Big screen where the driver decides on what information to be shown.

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