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    I takes me a little while to get used to new things. I bought Radiohead’s new album The King of Limbs when it came out a few weeks ago and I still don’t like it much. I had the same reaction to In Rainbows, […]

    • Remember a conversation I had with late Saab head engineer Gunnar Ljungström. He was driving the Ursaab and I asked him when coming out of the car what he felt driving the old machine.
      Gunnar was very disappointed almost angry to the point that he said the design was a total disaster.
      ”- It was Sixtens Sasons fault he had got the idea that the car should be teardrop designed (crosssection of a aircraft wing), I tried to convince him that it should have a rear end according to the german aerodynamist Kamm. Just look at the Honda Aerodeck (mid 1980ies), that was my design proposal. That design gives an optimal wake and lets the wind come off the body of the car in the best way.”
      Now we are back to Kamm aerodynamics on the PhoeniX. But please do not mix it up with the teardrop. Saab has never looked back… besides the SUHRT where we only look back and the clock has stopped at 1981:-) But that is a different story….. It is called heritage and roots.

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