• tompa skrev ett nytt inlägg, The land of “Lagom” has its exceptions , på webbplatsen SAABSUNITED 10 år, 3 månader sedan

    (Or -:I will get critique.. But hey that’s cool, I´m toying with stereotypes)
    “Lagom” is a word only used in the Swedish language and constructed to explain how Swedes ought to be brought up and look upon Everyt […]

    • I challenge the whole LAGOM discussion. That was ”invented” long time ago when the pitcher of beer was passed around the dinner table. Each guest was just allowed to drink ”so much” so the last person would get his/her fair share of fluid.

      Now Sweden has transformed into an individualistic society far from the founding fathers of Social-liberalism and The Myrdals Couples utopia in 1950 ies.

      Swedes are nowadays bold and take their share of the cake. Impatience and makes anything just to be on the top or come out as a winner. We have road-rage on our public roads on a daily basis, people run into people in stores and public places without apologizing. I was in London last week what a difference. Well behaved people, talkative and in general so much nicer then Swedes.

      Saab is not considered an individualists car here. It is just another car in the crowd. The sales organization and retailers are GENERALLY not at per with the other upper level segment cars.
      I have spoken about it before and I will do it again, to save Saab SALES must get their act together NOW.
      Here is my shortlist: (I could jump in any day if my expertise is asked for)
      – Kick out under-performing retailers (I bet i can find my old Swe. Army officers boots)
      – Press on with SAAB only dealerships and if that means support from SAAB go for it.
      – Make the ”sale” as well as the ”scouting” an experience in it self.
      – Follow up interested prospective customers, follow up after a sale.
      – Invite them into the Saab Family (You guys here know what I mean)
      – Bring in the heritage older Saabs in mint condition into the showrooms. (When going in the Taxi to Heathrow two days ago I passed the Audi showroom, they had at least 5-7 old Audi Quattros up in the windows for the drivers on the expressway to see.)
      – Start to prioritize also the private customers, not only the fleet or company buyers.

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