• Hello,

    1.75 Bar is absolute pressure (Atmospheric + boost).
    So it is 0.75 Bar of boost.
    Is 0.75 Bar of boost over the stock values?

    Thank you

  • Hello,
    Thank you Bjorn:
    modified dyno graph ias attachemnt to be more clear… Measured is 150 Wheel HP and estimated value at crank is 175HP…
    Attached is picture of ECU end everything seems normal.
    APC is located above driver side wheel left from the engine.

    Thank you Broberg:
    I compared some dyno curves from 900aero but car I measured having…[Läs mer]

  • Thank you M.Broberg.

    May I to ask dummy question if 900S have also other ECU for running the injector, calculating TDC…. or APC does it all?
    Sorry but SAAB 900S is really something I got first time in my life.
    I speculating that car have APC for sensing the knock and controlling the boost but have also main ECU somewhere.
    Can you give me…[Läs mer]

  • Hello,

    tanks for fast respond.
    Yes it is WOT measurement in 3rd gear.
    Fuel is 95 octane.

    How can I check if it is LPT (low pressure turbo) model up to 145HP or up to 185HP model, because my first assumption is so much HP is measured due to 185HP model.

    Maybe you know if somebody from SAAB community did AFR measuring in the past to compare AFR…[Läs mer]

  • Hello,

    recently I measured stock 93’s SAAB 900S 16V Turbo imported from Sweden to Slovenia. Imported car has 3 melted pistons but after the engine rebuilding the owner of the car want to know what was the root cause for holes.
    Eventually car was bring to me to do some measurements (I didn’t rebuild engine).

    So in attached file you can see dyno…[Läs mer]

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