Saab 92 fakta (engelska)

What should you consider before buying a Saab 92? Or do you already own a Saab 92 and wonder what you should be on the lookout for? Here are some hints on things you should keep an eye on. Do you yourself have some interesting hints or suggestions? Please contact us!


Rust often occur in the front of the floor and in the front and rear wheel housings, but may also be present around the upper end of the rear shock absorber, on the fenders and on the doors. In the 92A you can expect a rust free spare wheel compartment: it is made of wood.
Engine and transmission

The engine is often overheated when driving slowly with many stops, e. g. in a city. You can try to prevent this by cleaning the radiator once a year. The 92s are not equipped with a water pump and hence the water circulates by the ’thermosiphon’ process; hot water rises and creates circulation. Remove the covers in the front wheel housings completely in the summer. You can use the electric fan as a cooling fan; if you switch the defroster to ’circulation’ you don’t end up with all the excessive heat in your face… Another possibility is to fit an electric cooling fan from e. g. a Renault 4 on the back of the radiator – if you don’t insist of driving an ’original’ car.

Normal maintenance requires that the air cleaner be removed and cleaned by a degreasing agent once every season or after driving in very dusty conditions. The filter unit should then be soaked in ordinary engine oil and allowed to drain completely before refitting it. Up till the model year 1954 Saab 92 was equipped with a fuel pump operated by the pressure in the crankcase. A tight seal between the pump and the engine is therefore of utmost importance. The crankcase halves should also be mounted tightly together. Low compression reduces the capacity of the fuel pump.

From the model year 1955 the 92 is equipped with an electric fuel pump. The contact points have a tendency to burn which frequently causes problems. A fine grade emery-cloth is a good tool for cleaning burned contact points.

The ignition system operates with two coils which makes adjustment difficult; and of course adjustment must be done through the hole in the right front wheel housing.

The generator is powered by a short belt from the gear box. The drive shaft at the end of the gear box have a tendency to break, and a replacement shaft may be difficult to obtain. Always replace the gearbox oil according to the driver’s handbook, i. e. after 15000 km. Without these frequent oil changes the free wheel may become inoperative. If you have the gear box filled with oil of dubious age, you can clean it by emptying the box, fill up with kerosene (any thin paraffin oil will do), drive slowly a short distance, drain the box and fill up with new gear box oil which is changed at least twice.
Suspension and breaks

Saab 92 is equipped with torsion suspension. For this system to operate lots of lubricants is essential. Be sure to add plenty of grease through every grease nipple; including those which are located in rather hidden places! Old bushings should be replaced.

If one seldom drives the car the brake cylinders in the wheel drums often get stuck. If one plan to remodel the brake system it is a good idea to use silicon based brake fluid. The brakes are Lockheed and the cylinders in the rear wheels are the same as in some English cars.

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Do you yourself have some interesting hints or suggestions? Please contact us!