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    First let me introduce myself.
    I’m a dutch SAAB v4 enthusiast and own 3 V4’s.
    A ’77 95 (slightly modified), a ’73 Sonett (almost standard) and a ’79 96 (a dutch lim. edition, waiting restoration).

    Since a long time I’m searching aluminium rocker covers like the SAH ones. SAH rocker covers are very rare and when they are for sale, they are not cheap.
    Now, I found a company who can make aluminium rocker covers. The problem is they are not in their standard program since the ”limited interest” in V4 covers.
    To make a batch, there must be interest in a minimum quantity of 5 sets.
    In the Netherlands are in total 2 interested. So I”m looking for at least 3 more enthusiast.
    Estimated price is €150,-

    This is the company:

    In the website you can see an example of the cologne V6.

    Maybe there is some interest overhere?



    So far there is interest in 7 sets in the UK and Netherlands.
    Non in sweden sofar.

    I wrote an email to Redmond metalcasting for further information (lettering, color etc).
    Maybe that’s creating some more interest.


    This may be a very stupid question!

    But what is the purpose with these rockercovers? Are they purely aestethic or are they performance enhancing in any way?


    The only purpose is ”nice to have”.
    Maybe they are a little bit lighter, so you can go a little bit faster :mrgreen: .
    But it looks nice under the bonnet.


    Aha, then i understand..

    Do you have any pictures of the design?


    Something like these. But as you can see these are for the V6. As I wrote V4-covers are non existence, so I can’t give you an picture.
    I have only a picture of the old SAH-covers.

    Tekst can be adapted In ”SAAB” ”SAAB V4″or only ”V4”.
    Depend on the length of the covers.
    Standard colors are possible. Plain also, so you can paint them your self to match your car.


    I am interested in 1 set.


    Me too. Also sent you a PM.


    I am also interested, I will send you a PM with my contact information.

    Best Regards


    I´m also interested in one set.



    Hi there.
    Sorry for my late reaction but since the lack of interest in the beginnning
    I didn’t look often on the forum.
    It seems there is interest in 10 sets maybe 11 in Sweden.

    Update, the prototype is ready:

    The tekst is only for example. You can order any tekst you like as long as it fits. So, SAAB or V4 is also possible. SAAB V4 I don’t know. Any standard color is also possible, I believe. Even primer if you want to make paint them in the color of your car.
    For the size of the oilfiller tube the later Ford size is used (35.5mm) so a wide range of oil filler caps can be used.
    For futher updatas you can also look at:

    For other info and payment instructions I shall email everybody tomorrow who expressed an interest.

    Sorry again for the late reaction.


    I sent everybody an PM or email with more info.
    When I have forgotten somebody, sorry for that but please let me know :sry .

    Regards, Henk


    The covers can be orderd true the following link:

    For questions you can contact John:

    See also:

Visar 13 inlägg - 1 till 13 (av 13 totalt)
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