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    Hi everyone,

    Sorry I’m not speaking in swedish.
    I have a big big desire, I want to buy a saab 9-3 aero in Sweden, because I’m living near. Who can advise me please what is average price for this car in your country?
    For example:
    Saab 9-3 Aero, 2003, 2.0, 154kW, automatic transmission, sedan
    I live in Estonia and here the price range for 2003 car with specs above is 3400 – 4300 EUR (Approximately 31 500 – 40 000 SEK), 2005 is from 4000 – and higher

    Can you give me your local web pages? Also if I will come to Stockholm, where I can check car which I bought? Some service, to test electronic system, suspension, maybe engine and average price for it.

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    Hi Harry, welcome to our forum!

    In my experience there are three ways of buying a Saab in Sweden: 1. personal connections/tips, 2. ads on Saabrelated forums (here you can place an ad if you want to buy a car through our forum: and 3. is the largest buy/sell website in Sweden, similar to the US site Craigslist.

    The earlier versions of NG9-3 are pretty cheap in Sweden, but an Aero will of course cost more. Here’s a direct link to the current listing of all Saab 9-3 Aero 03-05 in Sweden at

    As you can see, they start at 25 000 SEK with the convertibles being the most expensive around 100 000 SEK.

    I’m not that experienced with NG9-3, but from what I’ve heard it’s best to skip the first model year (2003). The model years 2004 and 2005 should be very good. Some say that they are better than the later years, when NG9-3 got a new interior (2007) and facelift (2008).

    If you want a good Saab mechanic shop in Stockholm I can recommend Ekmans Bil & Båt ( They’re 30 minutes away from central Stockholm, at the island of Värmdö, but they’ve been working with Saab since the twostroke days (they work with all models up until Saab NG9-5, 9-4X) and they offer members of Svenska Saabklubben a 10 % discount.


    big thanks for your reply Jonathan! Very helpful, I’ll start looking for appropriate option


    I received some additional questions by PM, which I think would be better to reply to here in public. This may be of help to other foreign car speculators in Sweden. 🙂

    – Check car history

    You can check some historical info on a car at Transportstyrelsen (The Swedish Transport Agency). Just enter the car registration at the following page: The info should be easy to translate through Google, but some interesting things are ”Antal ägare” (number of owners), ”Senast godkända besiktning” (latest approved inspection), ”Mätarställning” (Mileage) and if there’s any info in ”I trafik första gången (vanligen i utlandet)” (in traffic first time usually abroad) it usually means that the car has been imported to Sweden.

    You can also pay for extended info at Carfax:

    – Check car reseller/company

    If you intend to buy a Saab from a car company it’s always good to search for the company at Google ( for Swedish results). This may show you reviews and comments from earlier customers of the company. In Sweden we also have company rating sites, where probably is the most popular one. And yes, many companies nowadays also have a Facebook page so try searching for them there as well.


    Thanks! Great info, you help me again)

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