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    I wonder if anyone could help. I removed the tow bar from my old Saab 96 and will be fitting it to my new greenish one. As I need the installation instructions to get the car throught besiktning I compared them to the the parts I got from the old car and one piece is missing, the angle bracket across the front of the tow bar that goes in the boot. It is number 5 on the drawing.

    If anyone has the proper installation on their car, any chance that you could measure the size of the angle iron, and length.


    Not able to measure on the car right now but if I’m right it’s the same thickness as the back part and it’s the same width as the luggage boot. From ”inside to inside” or something like that! =)


    Emul: Thanks for the feedback. I will cut a piece of 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ x 1/8″ to fit the width of the boot area.

    Just a note to others who have found that this piece is missing from their installation, in my old car where I took the tow bar from there are cracks in the boot floor on either side. It seems that without this piece there is too much twisting to the floor. If you don’t have it fitted I would recommend fitting it before your floor panel fails as well. Will post the final dimensions and photographs once it is installed.


    Finally got the tow bar sorted out on the car. It was a tight fit with the rear bracket and a bit of fiddling to get the bumper bolts to line up.

    The front bracket, that was the main problem, I was only able to get hold of 40×40 angle iron, cut it to 760mm (770 would have been a tighter fit). Problem is with 40×40 you can’t fit it in the way the diagram shows as you would have to hammer it into the front of the boot which would damage the fuel tank straps. I put it in the wrong way round and it should work, if not for one thing, the spare wheel no longer fits in the boot. So I will hunt for some 25×25 or 30×30 angle iron and do it again the right way round so that the spare wheel fits.

    Still, after all the work the finished installation is clean and neat.

    And the bonus is I took the car in for besiktning today, tow bar is now registered and the car got blank papers, with complements on the condition of the car overall. The one problem that came up was the Co2 being high but they lent me a screw driver and I adjusted it to the correct limit while it was being tested. Have always had a good experience with the people at Falkenberg Bilprovning, would recommend it to all.


    Just thought I would close this off with the final information. I managed to get hold of some 30×30 angle irong, 770mm long. This fitted perfectly, slides under the petrol tank straps and the spare wheel now fits as it did before.

    The only thing that looks wrong is I took too much of the floor insulation away to fit the 40×40 angle iron, still, all is now finished.

    Just for information, I didn’t have a trailer around to test the light fitting but I did have a set of magnetic lights, very easy to sit in the car and see the lights in front of you.

Visar 5 inlägg - 1 till 5 (av 5 totalt)
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