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    Hello an greetings from germany,

    i hope you will hear somthing about my Saab 900 2.1

    Okay … at first two problems i dont speak swedish and my english i bad ass.

    I post some pictures

    More picture? ….. –>

    Can here someone help me with two parts?

    I search one headrest for the rear in red colorado and the side trim looks like on this car the black side line

    Thanks and all the best


    Can i buy some decals somewhere?


    Looks good!

    VERY unusual with the newer style 9000-seats in colorado red in a 900, i have never seen that on the Swedish market (but i think it was available). Same goes for the blue leather, also very unusual. I like it!

    The thin black trim trim that goes along the side of the car is not that hard to find if you are not looking for a completely new set. The problem is however to fit them in a straight line on your car… I think that would be pretty difficult, but of course possible. Could be a little tricky to remove them from the donor car without ruining them.

    I think the car looks cleaner without them, especially cars with Aero/TurboS bodykit. But they do give you a little protection against getting a door slammed in your car when you park on a public parking lot.

    big nyz

    Hello stediju and welcome to the forum! I also like the purple interior. Is that the original cylinder head? My 2.1 looks a little bit different.



    Thanks for welcome

    The cylinder head is maybe not original … i think it is the same like from 9000 Mathias

    Okay … i chance my sense about the trimm line …..

    …. but i allways search the red headrest

    The car was the first time in Luxembourg


    The classic 900 with B212 and 9000 with B234 (1990-1993) uses the same head, the valve cover however is probably from a new generation non-turbo 900.


    Sehr schönes auto! Wir könnten deutsch schreibe, aber als die anderen jungs hier auch die diskution folgen will machen wir das besser auf Englisch denke ich. 😛

    Very nice car! Very rare too with red leather, extremely few of the C900 injector models were sold with leather here I think, its only found in Turbos mostly, not even the 900S is common to find with leather here. I think one of the main reasons is that few fully loaded C900s were sold at all here in the late years, the ones looking for top notch bought a 9000, if you bought the smaller and cheaper 900 you made do with fabric. One 900 Aero in white was on offer not too long ago however with electric seats in red leather, that is even more rare!

    I think too the sidetrim is better left off, its more clean now. Red head-rests back should be able to find I think, lots of 900 turbos 1989 are being scrapped all the time.

    In any case your car is mega-rustfree compared to what we normally have here, its about same condition as my summer-only 900 Convertible. Few 2,1 liter C900 remain in that condition here, I guarantee you!

    (ich mag das ”B212 inside” am seite sehr viel. 😎 )


    Yep … i think it is better to write the words in english, okay bad englich from my side.

    I start in the search area a thread to find e head rest in red …. i hope i finde someone in the motherland from my saab.

    Thanks for the nice words



    Winterboots … Turbo91 @ my2.1

    all the best for 2013


Visar 8 inlägg - 1 till 8 (av 8 totalt)
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