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    I am new in Sweden.I am currently working in Lulea and I always love the Saab 900, but it is impossible to find a good unit specially the prefacelift. But I found some good units of the 96, even it is an older car. I wonder if you recomend this car for everyday use in the north, how much it is the consume per mile? Any mechanical use or advise?
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    Janne Hagnell

    The 96 is built for winter use and the only drawback I find is the tendency to rust, which is a minor problem in the north of Sweden where salt is not used on the roads.
    However, if you are used to the 900, you would probably find the 96 very small, especially when it comes to inside width. It also becomes quite noisy at speeds above 90km/h. Either you find this acceptable, or even charming (I do), or you don’t.
    An other alternative is to look for 90 or 99, the latter which is almost redicuosly low priced in its country of origin.


    olle d

    Even though I also have a modern car, I use my Saab 96 -70 almost as a daily driver. I can agree with the points made by Janne regarding the comfort issues, it´s probably not the most comfortable car out there – but it´s very charming. And I think that is the key – if you want a charming car that CAN be used as a daily driver (given it´s also a very old car), then it can be the car for you. If it´s your only car and you want something practical, comfortable and safe there may be better options…


    Thank you for your advices, its a pity that to find a 900 turbo oldtimer black is so difficult. The 99 sounds good as well. I a going to check in the group of 99 as well.

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