Fishy winnings…??

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    • juli 20, 2010 at 19:57 #22519

      Fishy winning in the 99-class?

      Many many people including me, are tremendously

      happy for what Mr Muller did for Saab

      in terms of saving it from GM!

      It might sound a little finicky, but I must say that the

      Jury of the festival 2010 must have been

      under a “reminder” from higher places in the

      Saab-community concerning the 99-class?!

      I was finding through the “Spectre-lines”

      that the Cardinalred 99turbo from 1978 was a

      beautiful car, but not perfect in terms of finish/details

      and so on! At least 3-4 other 99:s were in even better

      condition if one looks down to other items!

      In order to require a more comprehensive clarity of how

      this occurred, one established contact with people known

      in undersigned’s Saab-network-of –people, to gain

      a declaration of the 99-judgement.

      For instance, the Dutch winner however, were in possession of

      a driver seat which had:

      a) cracks in the seat-cushion fabric

      b) wrinkles in that ditto

      c) low-gloss with mild dirt in the engine-bay

      d) Labels missing in that same engine-bay

      A guy from Norrkoping had a un-touch saloon in

      Aquamarine blue metallic with an engine bay that was

      immaculate, only to be compared to the 2001 & 2005

      winner in the 99-class. (Back then, a lad from the Stockholm

      area & owner of a black 99turbo Hatch)

      To me it´s utterly clear that it had to be a Dutch

      car in conjunction to match the VIP-presence

      from The Netherlands during the agenda of

      saving Saab and the new start/era of celebrate

      this in Trollhattan.

      A little notch of politics, has sneaked in to

      the Saab-festival of 2010…..

      the best car should have got the price…..

      not a certain personality.

      Author Terry Grant, independent

      Classic line motoring

      Basingstoke south UK

        juli 20, 2010 at 21:02 #160515

        Dagens I-landsproblem.

        Samma text finns också på festivalens forum. Har aldrig fattat det här med att tävla i bilutseende.


        Bengt Åkesson

          juli 20, 2010 at 21:16 #160516

          Baah! That sounds like conspiracy bullsh*t to me. Everyone who is present at the Saabfestival has different opinions of how cars should look and sound.
          I think the jury has a hard job to pick out some cars that are extraordinary in some way in a rather short time out of many many beautiful cars. Of course there are ALWAYS some details that could be put in to the light, but hey, it is all about people loving their Saabs in the end. I find it hard to see any politics involved.

          I am more concerned about not having a Rat-Look scene for old Saabs…

            juli 20, 2010 at 22:45 #160520

            Mr Grant,

            Please see my reply in the Saabfestival Forum.

            In short – you can rest assure that there was no conspiracy at all. The Jury this year was all new, and all non saab employed. We had no contact what so ever with the Saab-Spyker team before the decision were made about the winners. In fact, it did not even cross our minds during the meetings that we had to let at least one Dutch car win, given the circumstances the past year.

            The blue Sedan was lovely, and Im sure Bernt will winn future shows with it. But this year we had more things weighing in that just strict condition. Longterm restoration, history, small details etc was also included. All 4 members of the 99 Jury agreed that the dutch car was a winner, and also the blue Sedan had some minor issues. These were later also discussed between parts of the jury and the owner.

            Regardless of which car that wins, there will always be different opinions, and people arguing about wrong choice etc. Its not easy to be in a Jury, and have to pick one winner from a number of absolutely lovely cars. Somebodys toes will for sure be stepped on. But political pressure was not an issue, only the views of 4 Saab enthusiasts with no connection to the company were present this time.

            This discussion is hereby closed. There is no material for further theories.

            Best regards,

            Martin Simonsson,
            Member of Saabklubben, and member of the Jury in the Saabfestival 2010 in the classes Saab 99, Saab 900 and Saab convertible.

              juli 21, 2010 at 07:20 #160524

              Hi Martin,

              I am sure the jury were experts in the cars and that different small things were issue to the larger picture of judgement, no need to argue on that.

              In our case we were lined up in the 93 ( not 9-3 ) class, not there to win – in fact glad that we managed to fix the major issues we had with the car and actually be able to go to Trollhättan in it, since last technical issues were fixed just the day before we left home.

              Now to the point. We are really trying to keep the car original and “fresh” but sometimes there are small details that you do not know about. I saw the “judges” writing down stuff and mostly having thumbs up, but it would be really interesting to know what they wrote on the down side.
              The judges can’t give feedback on everything, but I think it would be nice if for example the two “runner-up’s” got a few words on what made outcome compared to the winner. In our case there was nothing to discuss – the black GT750 was beautyfull and almost flawless in my eyes.
              However I still would like to know what they found besides the obvious, not for competetion but simply because I would do my best to fix it for originality sake of the car ( thats what we are striving towards ).

              The above would partly shut down any discussions or theories as the ones in this thread and partly it would help the enthusiasts to perfect the car they love and in most cases spend hundred of hours on.

              Just my 10 cents

              Best regards

                juli 21, 2010 at 09:56 #160527

                This thread is closed for further discussons.
                Please use the Saabfestival Forum.

                Been a Saab owner since 1987.
                I have owned at least 40 Saabs, mainly older Saabs.

                Today I have:
                1960 93F
                1967 96 Monte Carlo 850
                1975 96 V4
                1989 900i 8V 5 dørs
                1992 900S 5 dørs
                2009 9-3 SC tid

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