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    I did the Eifel-Rallye (”Histo-Rallye-Party”) last weekend and we had a lot of fun.
    Car worked good without any trouble. This time I used Mintex M1144 brakepads on the front. Works better than the standard-pads I used before. 🙂

    For tarmac I am thinking about to put on the homologated ATE-brakes with ventilated discs. I think it is from Volvo 164?
    And I still have to install the Porsche 914 brakes at the rear… :racesmile:

    I have attached some pictures.



    Great pictures with ”attack” Erik!

    johan josefsson

    It looks like you had a lot of fun! Nice pictures!

    krister k



    Some update about the 99:

    After the Eifel-Rallye went quite well I didn’t notice any big issues at first. But some days ago I did a small test-drive and I lost the oil-filler-cap on top of the engine valve-cover. That was second time within short period (1x end of Eifel-Rallye, 1x after 20km driving when I put on a new cap).

    Checked the engine and found that cylinder 2 and 3 have lower compression than 1 & 2 (8 bar versus 10.5bar).
    Took of the cylinder-head and found the head-gasket somewhat blowing between cylinder 2 and 3. Head warped on that area. Skimmed of the head and put on with new head-gasket. Cylinder 1, 3 and 4 okay now, but 2 only 4bar. Seems to be a blown piston ring. The engine has done about 3000 km since rebuild.

    Will possibly convert to Group2 Turbo now…

    Best Regards,


    Got 2 used 99 Turbo engines two weeks ago. Work will start soon.

Visar 6 inlägg - 46 till 51 (av 51 totalt)
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