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    I’m looking for a timing chain guide for my dad’s Saab 99 from 1984, engine B201.

    Part no is 7507155, any ideas where I can find it?
    Thank you in advance for your help!



    Try SAABklubbens reservdelar (Spare parts)/Gunnar



    Hi there!

    Have you found anything yet? The B201 is the first iteration of Saab’s H-engine (8 valve). Cam chain guide is ”Kedjestyrning” in swedish. But actually I can’t find this particular part in our web shop. Furthermore, searching the web shows sign of shortage on this particular part…

    However, a good ”tool” in searching for obscure parts is the cross reference numbers on

    And here I can find the brand ”ITM Engine Components” which have this part as their own number 70102!

    Googling for these words: ITM 70102 timing gives some hits, both on Ebay and on Amazon.

    And here too:

    Good luck, and keep searching! And keep us informed!

    And hopefully Saabklubben could track down suppliers for this parts anew in the future!?…

Visar 3 inlägg - 1 till 3 (av 3 totalt)

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