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    I bought a 900 B201 H and took to Spain to use there on my holidays. Now I need to replace the battery and the front mount engine.
    Can I have some recomendation for the battery. Which one should I use taking into account that we dont have below 0 temperatures

    Does anyone share a DIY for replace front mount engine.



    Battery either Exide EB605 EXIDE EXCELL or Tudor TB605 TUDOR TECHNICA. Same battery different name due what market area.

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    Regarding the front engine mount change (which is actually at the rear of the engine, but that’s another story), here’s a simple guide;
    1. Loosen the front engine mount fasteners (don’t remove them, just loosen about ½ revolution)
    2. Place a lifting jack or similar under the engine/transmission (as far forward of the car as possible). Make sure it’s stable and secure. If you have an ”armor-tray”/protective steel tray you might need to remove that first. If you have an automatic gearbox, don’t place the jack under the transmission oil pan. Use a soft lifting pad or a wooden board between the jack and the engine/transmission.
    3. Lift up the engine/transmission about 1 cm. The connections to the engine/transmission can handle such movement (unless you’ve got some aftermarket rigid gear shift linkage etc.)
    4. Remove the fasteners and engine mount, replace the mount and put back the fasteners (only finger tight).
    5. Lower the lifting jack until the engine mount takes the load of the engine/transmission, check that the engine mount is still correctly positioned, then fully lower the lifting jack.
    6. Tighten the engine mount fasteners to specifications. M8: 20Nm, M10: 40Nm

    This is my way of doing it. I don’t claim this being the absolute correct way of doing it, and I take no responsibility of your outcome.
    I have done this myself, and it worked good for me.

    Wish you the best, and happy Saabing 🙂

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Visar 3 inlägg - 1 till 3 (av 3 totalt)
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